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  • Here’s why Soldier Boy, the newest Supe of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys refused to do a scene

    Published on May 27, 2022

    Amazon Prime Video’s superhero show The Boys has been turning and exploding heads since it came out in 2019. With two seasons out, the show is well on its way to releasing the third season, and the fans and viewers are gobbling up any news they can get before the newest season comes out.

    The producer of the show, Eric Kripke, has pushed all boundaries and taken it up a notch higher by bringing in action which is packed with blood, killing, exploding bodies, and gore. Despite there being absolutely no limit to the extremes, it looks like things got a little bit too far for new star Jensen Ackles.

    The Supernatural fame actor is all set to star in the newest season as the Bad Superhero Soldier Boy, and fans are excited to see his new look. As the newest addition, he was appalled by some of the things he was expected to do in the show.

    Talking about one of his conversations with the showrunner Eric Kripke, the star refused to do one particular scene, saying to him, “As a father of three, and a son and a husband and a self-respecting human being, I can’t do this. I didn’t know where my line was, but you found it.” Talking about the same scene, Kripke went on to reveal, “We worked out a compromise where I got what I needed without him destroying his soul.”

    Fans are delighted to watch the redband trailer of the newest season, where more supervillains are causing chaos, and The Boys’ leader Butcher is apparently now one of them. You can watch the first two seasons exclusively on Amazon Prime Video while you wait for the new one. The third season of The Boys is going to have an episodic release on Amazon Prime Video starting from 3rd June. Keep your popcorn ready while we contact our moles in the Vought International to find out more insider scoops for you!


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