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Hero Lectro Cargo Dedicates #CelebratingSkilledYouthofIndia Campaign to Delivery Agents on World Youth Skills Day

New Delhi: The last-mile delivery sector has emerged as one of the fastest-growing categories during the pandemic. The delivery agents were amongst the front-line workers who continued to work to provide us with the essentials. On the occasion of World Youth Skills Day, Hero Lectro Cargo E-Bikes has launched #CelebratingSkilledYouthofIndia, a social media campaign that salutes the indomitable spirit of the front-line workers and offers those tips & hacks to continue their good work while the nation unlocks. Keeping up with the theme of this year – Building a resilient & creative workforce of the future, the 3-day long campaign comprises short videos of useful tips and hacks the last-mile workers could use to increase their productivity & chances of getting positive ratings from happy customers.

The campaign started on 13th July and will culminate on 15th July, the day observed as World Youth Skills Day. Right from how to deliver orders on time to how to keep them safe from COVID-19 during and after work, the solution-oriented videos bring together essential but handy tips to follow.

While the first video showcases a set of tips that help delivery boys get positive ratings from customers, another video gives tips for enhancing their delivery skills. The last video acknowledges the delivery agents’ resilient spirit & encourages them to learn in-demand skills to enable their growth during the pandemic and implement them for smart, safe, and timely deliveries.

“When the world came to a standstill due to the pandemic, it was the service of these delivery agents that made our life easy. They were out for work at a time when people moved indoors for safety. They overcame the challenges of the pandemic and delivered orders safely and timely which let us live sitting at the safety of our homes. We salute their grit and determination for serving us and the nation during these challenging times. The campaign is a tribute to their hard work and provides them with quick and easy solutions that will enhance their existing skillsets and help them increase earnings,” says Mr. Partha Choudhary, Hero Lectro Cargo President, and CEO.

World Youth Skills Day is celebrated on 15th July every year by the United Nation to pay tribute to the resilience and inspiration of youth globally. The theme this year is, “Building a resilient & creative workforce of the future” which celebrates the resilience and creativity of youth throughout the crisis, and the Hero Lectro Cargo campaign is aligned with this thematic emphasis.

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