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  • High Street Phoenix in association with Costa Coffee host a Deja Brew Experience

    Published on March 6, 2014

    Mumbai :  Caffeine has become the elixir of our lives, an accessory in the hands of many a jet-setting corporate to the meeting excuse Imageof young loves, to being the catalyst in many a conversation or the trusted friend in an exhausting all-nighter. High Street Phoenix in association with Costa Coffee is hosting a coffee brewing workshop and a tasting session with Sahil Janata this 11th March 2014 at the Costa Coffee outlet of Sky Zone. This tete-a-tete with coffee is part of the March edition of High Street Phoenix’s popular property Talent Tuesday where the destination centre gives a platform to various talents while organizing free workshops for interested folks.

    Sahil Janata who goes by the moniker The Coffee Nazi will teach coffee enthusiasts the finer nuances of the equipment, the type of coffee, the grind, the water, the ratio of coffee to water, water temperature during brewing and finally the brewing time to make that perfect cuppa. A self confessed Coffee Coach, Sahil will also host coffee tastings for the caffeine lovers who attend this day-long brew fest which will start at 2 pm and go on till 6 pm. Hot or cold, espresso or frappe, creamy or black, cappuccino or latte, decaf or filter, if coffee is your poison, then this session is a surefire must attend for your caffeinated soul.

    Soure : Lokesh Shastri