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  • Highly Effective Disaster Prevention with Retarus Email Continuity

    Published on May 22, 2020

    SINGAPORE:  When IT systems are no longer functioning, critical business processes grind to a halt. The costs incurred when operations fail can quickly skyrocket into millions. The Email Continuity service offered by Munich-based cloud service provider Retarus ensures that companies and their employees remain productive in terms of communication, even if the email infrastructure becomes unavailable to them, for instance due to a cyberattack.

    According to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2020, cyber incidents have grown to become by far the biggest business risk for companies. As soon as IT systems are no longer running, crucial business processes come to a standstill, and when operations are disrupted the resulting costs soon reach millions of dollars. As 100 percent fail-safety can never be guaranteed for any part of a business, effective business continuity management and sound plans for keeping IT operations running in times of crisis have become essential for companies.

    “Given that email is a key communication medium in businesses across Asia Pacific, being reachable and having backup systems in place in the event of email infrastructure downtime is mission-critical. By allowing businesses to switch to a backup system in flash, Retarus Email Continuity helps prevent commercial losses and damage to business reputation, with email communication remaining unaffected,” says Dylan Castagne, Managing Director, Retarus Asia.

    Secure Email Operations

    With the state-of-the-art failover service Retarus Email Continuity, companies remain productive even if their own email infrastructures become unavailable, for instance due to server and cloud downtimes or security incidents. In such cases, the service steps in and ensures that the impacted company’s email communication continues running uninterrupted. As soon as it becomes necessary, the service reroutes the emails to a server independent of its own email system, ensuring that communication with business partners, customers and colleagues remains smooth and free of disruption.

    Added Value for Customers

    Retarus’ Email Continuity Service provides significant added value for companies aiming to implement a comprehensive cyber security strategy, as is clearly evident from the “Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant” market analysis published by the Radicati Group in autumn 2019. According to the experts, Retarus’ Email Continuity Services fulfill key criteria for effective disaster prevention.

    “More than ever, business continuity management needs to be considered an integral component of the business strategy,” says Martin Hager, founder and CEO at Retarus. “Email has a key role to play in continuity, as it has become the main communication channel for companies, both within the company and with external partners. Retarus’ Email Continuity service is an essential component in disaster prevention, enabling companies to seamlessly continue communicating via email, even when the infrastructure has failed.”