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  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts In Germany, Austria & Switzerland Offer ‘My Little Hilton,’ VIP-Program For Kids

    Published on April 28, 2011

    Who travels with children knows: only when the little ones are happy, the adults can enjoy the vacation. This is why Hilton in Germany, Austria & Switzerland offers a special program for children since October 2005, so to speak, for VIPs up to twelve years of age.

    With its children’s program “My little Hilton,” the hotel company shows how entertaining and harmonious staying in a city hotel can be for the whole family – especially during short-term and weekend trips. Children will enjoy several advantages and surprises: their own Kids’ Check-In, welcome presents and games, special children’s menus, a “My Little Hilton” membership as well as especially inexpensive hotel prices. The “accompanying” parents experience the program as an additional relaxing offer at the Hilton. For instance, on the weekend, during a stay of a minimum of two nights, the families only pay fifty percent for the additional (children’s) room. A child under eleven years of age eats for free in the Hilton restaurant, if it is accompanied by a paying adult. Children who are no taller than 3,9 ft. get free breakfast all week – if they are taller, but not twelve years old yet, they pay half price.

    For children the countless experiences and specials in the hotel are the most interesting part: Hilton created a special Check-in-Stair for the little ones. Up three steps, and then they can peek over the reception desk and sign themselves in with their own forms. As a welcome present, the children receive a red teddy bear backpack with a Steiff teddy bear keychain, a plush airplane toy, a coloring book and Jumbo Grip Colored Pencils made by Faber-Castell.

    In the restaurants, the kids are special guests as well. They choose from their own menu card – and can order the kind of things they like: French fries, pizza, fish fingers …, but fresh vegetables and healthy children’s menus as well. The fun Hilton coloring utensils are “served” before the first course and are perfect for the entertainment between the courses.

    And it goes without saying that children and adults can look forward to additional comforts like cribs, music boxes and baby monitors as well as high chairs and baby-sitting upon request.

    All Hilton activities of the “My little Hilton” program are accompanied by the Hilton Teddy Bear, dressed in the doorman’s uniform. He can be found in the coloring book, on the backpack, or in the children’s menu.

    And for all those children who have embosomed the Hilton Teddy Bear and would like to receive surprises from him by mail, can get a member of “My little Hilton”. That way, Hilton Teddy remains the children’s friend, even outside of the hotel. If the parents agree, the Hilton Teddy Bear will send small gifts and greetings for Easter, Christmas or the child’s birthday. Every now and then, it will make special children’s travel offers.

    The program is offered by the German, Swiss and Austrian Hilton Hotels & Resorts in Basel, Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt, Innsbruck, Cologne, Mainz, Munich, Nuremberg, Vienna and Zurich.

    After a very successful start of the “My little Hilton” cooking classes in 2006, Hilton Hotels & Resorts is offering cooking classes for children on a regular basis throughout the months of September to March/April in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    Between 69,- or 79,- Euros per child, Hilton Hotels & Resorts offers a program especially addressing junior chefs between seven and 14 years old. Tutored by professionals, not only do kids learn how to use pots and pans, but the experienced Hilton chefs also show what chervil and cilantro taste like, how to chop nuts and dice onions, and that preparing healthy and tasty dishes can be a lot of fun.

    With the cooking classes Hilton is aiming at making the art and culture of cooking accessible to tomorrow’s guest. “There is a lot more than French fries and spaghetti that would make kids happy eaters”, says Angela Haug, Area Director of Marketing Central Europe, Hilton Worldwide. “We find that a healthy diet is very important and would like to show to the boys and girls the joy of healthy cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. If somebody drops an egg or the flour pot, nobody will have to worry too much. Our experience from the last cooking classes has also shown that kids like popular dishes if they are ‘packaged’ differently. The lasagna made of walnut dough with spinach and chicken was a big hit.”

    Special recipes for kids

    The inventive Hilton chefs have used their imagination and have developed recipes especially for the little cooks. Depending on hotel and season, different three-course menus get prepared.

    Under the direction of Leander Roerdink-Veldboom, Executive Chef of Hilton Berlin, the following dishes get cooked: Creamed spinach soup with croutons as an appetizer, turkey and vegetable shashlik on a rosemary skewer with fruity tomato sauce and homemade “Schupfnudeln” as the main course, and Swiss carrot cake with vanilla spume for dessert.

    Eckhard Kleinert, Executive Chef at Hilton Dresden, came up with the following for the “junior staff”: Corn salad with nuts and grapes on vanilla vinaigrette to start with, followed by chicken with mozzarella stuffing, potatoes and baked bell pepper with homemade lemon mayonnaise, and Panna Cotta with orange fillets for dessert.

    At Christmas time, the menus are composed of recipes like carrot-orange latte macchiato, Christmas lasagna with chicken and spinach refined with nuts and ginger, and a Xmas burger made of gingerbread with almonds and raspberries.

    Program and times of the “My little Hilton” cooking classes

    The cooking classes for children take place at the participating Hilton Hotels & Resorts on selected Saturdays from 3 p.m. until about 7 p.m.

    After a briefing together with the chef, the parents will be seen off. Equipped with the “My little Hilton” cooking uniform, the kids get going with the pots and pans, and the team prepares the dinner menu. Knowledge of herbs, spices and other foodstuff will also be shared with the kids during the course of the cooking. The cooking is mostly taking place at the hotel kitchen in a professional manner, and the mini cooks will surely learn some of the chefs’ secrets and tricks. The grand finale: Parents and kids enjoy the exquisite dinner together at the restaurant.

    Fees & Enrollment

    The fee for the cooking classes is EUR 69,- per child.

    Included in the price are all menu ingredients and soft drinks, a “My little Hilton” cooking uniform and the final dinner with one accompanying person at the restaurant. Further accompanying persons pay a contribution of EUR 19,- each.

    Participation is limited to 15 people per cooking class. Enrollment is possible directly at the hotel or via e-mail to [email protected] using the keywords “My little Hilton” cooking class and specifying the hotel name, class date, as well as the child’s name, age and home address.