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  • As the time passes all the things changes contemprorily except the LOVE but emotions are the same. If seen back in periods we see love stories of salim-Anarkali, RMBajirao-Mastani and many more. Rama – Madhav featured a silent and immortal love in a short span of their life it reached the infinity. We always remember  Mrinal Kulkarni and Ravindra Mankani and their unforgetful role as Rama – Madhav in ‘Swami’- the Marathi serial. The Rama of ‘Swami’ Mrinal Kulkarni has stepped in direction of the film ‘RAMA MADHAV’. The super hit dual is now playing the role of Nanasaheb Peshwa and Gopikabai Peshwa in Rama Madhav. Mrinal and Ravindra had featured many historical characters in many of the serials and films and again with the same consistency in this movie. ‘Shivam Jemin Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.’ presents ‘Rama Madhav’ is releasing on 8th Aug. 2014 in all over Maharashtra. This film is directed by Mrinal Kulkarni.

    Nanasaheb Peshwa was a Gem of a person, loved by one and all had a witty and  eagle-eyed personality and will be remembered always for his perfect justification. The entourage of castism and racism is inimical to the society and realizing this Nanasaheb Peshwa afforded to show that he himself , the deligates , the sardars and the subject is incumbent to Chhatrapati. Ravindra Mankani had gleemed all the edges of all Peshwa’s Characters in his tenure of acting except Thorle Peshwa and ‘Rama Madhav’ film gave him the opportunity to play the Thorle Peshwa Nanasaheb. Mrinal Kulkarni directed this film with the same capability as in acting.

    Mrinal Kulkarni stated this role of Gopikabai a challenging character and viewers will see herself playing the Mother-in-law of Ramabai. And thus the circle of Rama Madhav is turned on. After a long period once again viewers will see the magnetic chemistry of Mrinal Kulkarni and Ravindra Mankani.

    Prasad Oak has deliberately executed the diplomatic Raghobadada Peshwa whose victory overland is unbeatable and the acume beauty of Anandibaai is played by Sonali Kulkarni. Amol Kolhe as Sadashivraobhau and Shruti Marathe as Parvatibaai. Alok Rajwade and Perna Pethe are the new fresh debu entry as the need of this  love story and the need to the  audiences  by Mrinal Kulkarni. Alok Rajwade had performed the life span of Madhavrao Peshwa. The childhood of  Ramabai Peshwa is played by childartist Shruti Karlekar and Perna Pethe as the young delegating Ramabai Peshwa. The other casts are Suchitra Bandekar, Yogesh Soman, Anvay Bendre, Sunil Godbole, Mahesh Patankar, Dnyanesh Wadekar, Santosh Saraf, Anand Deshpande.

    The story of Ramabai Madhav is written by Mrunal Kulkarni , scripts written by Manasvini Lata Ravindra and dialogues by Lata Ravindra and Digpal Ranjekar. Presented by ‘Shivam Gemin Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.’and co-producer is Ashok Joshi. The lyrics is by the eminent poet late Sudhir Moghe and Vaibhav Joshi and music given by Anand Modak. Narendra Bhide is the music Composer. The  sets showing The Peshwa Era  are designed by Nitin Chandrakant Desai . The historic looks in costumes is elegantly designed by Poornima Oak, and  make-up artist Vinay Suryavanshi. The victorious and courageous actions of the Panipat Battle  are executed by action director Ravi Diwan.   The Mujra on Aditi Rao Haydari is choreographed by Saroj Khan is also amongst the attraction of this film, editing by Jayant Jatthar and spectacular photography by Rajeev Jain.

    Mrinal  Kulkarni had left no stone unturned in making this historical background  film Rama – Madhav showing different powers in personalities with reputed technicians.

    Source : Lokesh Shastri