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  • Holcim India and its two companies Ambuja Cements and ACC reinforce the campaign #ChangeTheStory through the first ever Rap song to inspire youth to make a difference!

    Published on February 14, 2022

    • Introduces first-ever rap song titled Bubble Rap featuring campaign mnemonic Bubble Sharma
    • Key objective is to leverage the power of music to resonate with younger audience to inspire them to join the movement

    Mumbai : Ambuja Cements and ACC limited, member companies of Holcim India reinforce their first joint sustainability campaign ‘#ChangeTheStory’ by introducing their first-ever rap song titled ‘Bubble Rap’ across all the owned platforms. The original fun lyrics and upbeat music sung by remarkable rappers features the campaign mascot ‘Bubble Sharma’.

    The rap song showcases the partnership between the two companies who have jointly deployed the bubble barrier technology to remove the plastic waste from the rivers. The mascot Bubble Sharma compares the bubbles to light weight feathers highlighting how coming together can help to clean up the environment.

    ACC and Ambuja have planned to remove 2400 tons of plastic from Agra’s Mantola canal using its revolutionary bubble barrier technology. The rap song leverages this initiative when it says, “We pushing in Mantola, restoring, and cleaning the gorgeous Yamuna.” This bubble rap will set an exhilarating uproar to the campaign among the audience.

    The foremost objective was to leverage the power of music to resonate with younger audience.  We created a campaign mascot like Bubble Sharma that was not only to trace back to company’s sustainable interventions but also captivates the audience and boosts the brand recall value.  This campaign will aim to create an impactful change and inspire millions of others to follow suite for a sustainable future.

    The bubble rap will ensure brand awareness as it will act as a catalyst for encouraging people to be agents of change to transform today into a sustainable tomorrow by urging the audience to embrace sustainable practices and take a pledge on their microsite


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