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  • Holiday Land Buzzes with Kids’ Fashion Show and Spell Bee Extravaganza at Phoenix Marketcity

    Published on May 16, 2024

     Chennai  : Phoenix Marketcity, one of the premium malls of Chennai is all set to host an exciting fashion show for kids and teens on May 19th and the finale for spell bee competition on May 18th this weekend at Phoenix Marketcity & Palladium. With the ongoing Holiday Land décor on Trolls movie and other weekend activities like workshops and playtime for kids and their loved ones, this month has been very special for the kids, teens and their parents spending their summer vacation time together at Phoenix Marketcity.

    The super talented kids will face their final round of the Spell Bee Competition this Saturday – May 18th evening. After weeks of rigorous competition, talented spellers across Chennai will compete for the prestigious title of Spell Bee Championship. Witness the excitement as participants showcase their spelling prowess and compete in this thrilling showdown of words.

    On Sunday, May 19th from 6:00 pm onwards at Palladium – Phoenix Marketcity, there shall be an exciting and an interesting, curated Kids Fashion Show showcasing the latest trends and esteemed in-house brands such as Lifestyle and Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, Max, Trends, and 20+ other brands, the makeover partner are Tira, Nykaa, SS Beauty, Beaute and Nutrie, hairstyle partner is Naturals Salon. Young fashionistas will strut down the runway, showcasing stylish ensembles that reflect the vibrant spirit of childhood. From casual wear to party attire and summer trends, our in-house brands will offer a diverse range of clothing, bags, and accessories for every occasion. Join us as we celebrate the creativity and confidence of our little fashion stars.

    Both the engaging events will be open for all as Phoenix Marketcity will be buzzing with some great events and activities for kids and their families.


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