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  • Thursday, January, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:12:33
  • Shopping for stylish interior products and décor accessories can be both challenging and time-consuming. However, this shouldn’t deter consumers from making their home décor stand out among the rest. That’s why The White Teak Company, one of the best destinations for modern interior products has just launched its home decor collection that brings together quality lamps, rustic designs, industrial-style lighting fixtures, industrial pendants, decorative showpieces and much more!

    There’s a collection that includes human figurine statutes, wine bottle stands, humanoid figure that bears a resemblance to balloon animal-type people and animal statues. It is a delightfully abstract design featuring a humanoid figure that bears a resemblance to balloon animal-type people. It adds an aura of humor and liveliness to the room. Each piece in this inspired collection is eerily lifelike with their unique subtle facial characteristics and accompanying personalities etched onto them!

    The Practice Makes Perfect is a sculpture of a ballet dancer standing on the back of a horse that’s holding on to a giant ball with his feet. This piece of art would look graceful, elegant and poised in any room of your house. Milk Made is a really cute piece of art that will look great no matter where you place it. The artwork features a little girl in white and pink who looks absolutely happy making a bubble as she sits atop a block. Milk Made adds a bit of fun and delightfulness to any room or office space it adorns!

    According to Anu Mehta and Mamta Mehta, Founder, and co-founder of The WhiteTeak Company, “the new collection added to Whiteteak House is one of the most creative design collections in the home decor segment. It’s designed in such a way that will change the overall look of your home giving it a luxurious feel. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours so there is something for most rooms of your house. We provide you with options that you can choose”.

    Product Details:

    Red Hot: An absolutely breathtaking piece featuring an angular female humanoid figurine with streaks of striking red, this showpiece brings glamour and high fashion into any space it adorns! It will instantly elevate the entire feel of the space and give your rooms a fashionable upgrade!

    Price: Rs 5,550/=

    Enjoy the view: A human figurine is seated atop a playfully positioned horse, taking in the beauty of the space around it. The red cap on this figurine adds the perfect pop of colour to this piece, giving it an alluring aura. It’s a perfect piece for any space!

    Price: Rs 7,490/=

    Space Walk: An angular homanoid figurine in black resin stands poised to create history, flaunting an abstract, bubbled, mirror-finished and copper coloured head. This space traveller is sure to elevate the ambience of any room it adorns!

    Price: Rs 6,890/=

    Milk Made: A joyful little girl in white and pink represents childlike abandon and sheer joy as she makes a large bubble while seated atop a block. This piece adds happiness and a cute, childlike joie de vivre to any space it adorns!

    Price: Rs 13,950/=

    Thirst: A sturdy metal body in an elegant matte gold gives this wine holder a palpable touch of class and poise. It is a multitasking piece built to add character to your space while also holding your wine bottles for you! It’s a beautiful piece to elevate the ambience of any space.

    Price: Rs 8,490/=

    Mad Hatter: A delightfully abstract design featuring a humanoid figure that bears a resemblance to balloon animals, this piece flaunts a golden hat in the place of a head! It adds an aura of good humour and conviviality to the room it adorns!

    Price: Rs 7,390/=