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  • Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says she has no intention to resign

    Published on August 5, 2019

    Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said that she has no intention to resign over protests against the controversial extradition bill. She condemned protesters for violence and disregard of the rights and freedoms of other people. She said protesters’ actions challenge the ‘one country, two systems’ principle and threaten Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.

    Today, protesters blocked roads and rail traffic to force the government comply with their demands. The rally’s organizers plan to prevent the residents from getting to work in the business districts of the city.

    Mass rallies erupted in Hong Kong in early June as the authorities were considering adopting a bill that would allow the autonomous Chinese city to extradite suspects to jurisdictions with which it did not have an extradition agreement, including mainland China.