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  • Studying abroad is a lifetime experience. It helps students to learn about new cultures and along with getting the best education. Achieving your dreams of pursuing an education is not an easy task as it involves an expensive investment. But with the help of scholarships, you can definitely fulfill your dream if you want to study abroad

    Proper planning after your 12th standard is very important in order to live your dream of studying abroad. The college, university, and course fees, all are a matter of concern. Most countries allow students to study abroad with the help of scholarships to motivate exceptional talents all across the world. Also, many Government and private organizations offer a scholarship to students who aim to pursue their studies abroad.  

    A brief guide on how to study abroad  

    Getting into an international university is not only very tough but expensive too. Let’s have a brief look at the various steps that are required in order to get admission to a foreign university-  

    1. Choose the right stream that interests you:  

    Initially, when you start exploring studying abroad, a variety of career options will pop in front of you. It is not possible that every course will match your ability or skill level or will interest you. So be very careful while choosing the course. It must also interest you. Also, talking to a career counselor is a great step as they are an experienced counselor who can help you to choose a perfect course for you according to your abilities and skills and make your abroad journey a success! 

    2. Select the country:  

    Selecting a country to study abroad after class 12th is another very important decision that you have to take. The main factors that you should consider while choosing your abroad destination are tuition fees, living costs, the language of communication, climatic conditions, and so on.  

    3. Time to find out the university options:  

    Now that you have finalized the course as well as the country, it’s time to find out the university options. There are various factors that you must look into before proceeding further, like what are the exam requirements, total studying cost, and so on, as different universities offer different types of courses, all having different fee requirements.

    4. Timely filing the application for enrolment:   

    Filing a timely application to secure a seat in your dream university is very important. But there are various documents required along with the form that must be submitted on time and in a proper format in order to get a positive as well as faster reply. Contacting a career counselor is a smart move to raise your application for enrolment faultlessly and submit the essential documents in a timely manner. 

    5. Applying for a student visa:  

    Without a visa, you cannot fly out of India. And when you are flying to study abroad, you surely need a student visa for that purpose. Acquiring a student visa is a tough job if you complete the process on your own. The career counselor will make this process a relaxed and smooth one. 

    Exams you must consider for availing scholarship to study abroad:  

    Studying abroad is a challenging affair for most students as it requires a lot of money. Achieving a good scholarship in a top university, therefore, is very important and is certainly a solution for any student seeking to study abroad. There are tests conducted by foreign organizations before granting a scholarship. Below are the top exams that students must consider for availing of scholarships for abroad studies. 

    1. TOEFL-  

    In order to check the candidate’s command of the English language at the university level, a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is conducted. A student from any certified institute having a 10+2 degree or a degree equivalent to 10+2 degrees is eligible for this test. Also, the exam is conducted both online as well as offline mode. The registration for the TOEFL test closes seven days prior to the test, and the process of late registration also ends four days before the exam.  

    2. IELTS-  

    International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is also a similar test to TOEFL to assess the language proficiency of the students who are interested in studying in English-speaking nations. With the help of IELTS scores, you can even pursue both undergraduate as well as post-graduate programs too. The primary focus of IELTS is to assess skills like English listening, writing, speaking, and reading skills. 

    3. GRE-  

    For those students who want to complete their Master’s degree, Graduate Record Examination is for them. GRE is the biggest assessment test in the world to get into graduate schools. Thousands of business schools across the globe accept GRE scores. Aspirants all across the world interested in a Master’s degree MBA can appear for the test.  

    4. SAT-  

    SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a university admission test conducted by the college board. The exam results make a prediction about a student’s academic success for those who want to get admitted to top universities. Every leading US universities accept this score. So the chances of getting selected are high! The test assesses the skills like writing, mathematics calculation, and reading skill of the student.  

    5. ACT-  

    The purpose of American College Testing is quite similar to SAT. Every top university in the US accepts this score. It assesses the knowledge of the students at the high school level who want to pursue graduation at US universities. You can apply to a university for five years, as the score on the ACT is valid for five years.  

    Universities offering foreign scholarships to Indian students:  

    There are significant national and international universities that provide scholarships to students to pursue their academic careers abroad. Some of them are: 

    1. Tata Scholarships:   

    The Tata scholarship provides financial aid to Indian students who want to fulfill their dream of studying abroad. It allows the selected students to study at the prestigious Cornell University, located in New York. It only grants scholarships to Indian citizens, and the student must be eligible for financial help. Be it the entire tuition fees or living costs, traveling allowances, or medical expenses, everything comes under this scholarship.

    2. Monash International Merit Scholarship:  

    Those students who get admission to Monash University, Australia, are only eligible for this scholarship. During the duration of the program, students will receive 10,000 AUD every year as the scholarship amount. The student must have a strong academic record in order to get admission to this university. 

    3. Inlaks Scholarships:  

    The Inlaks scholarship helps young talents from various fields to study abroad. Inlaks scholarships are exclusive for Indian students as the candidate gets an opportunity to pursue a full-time degree at premier global institutions with this scholarship. The student must have a good academic record along with good command of the English language. 

    4. University of Westminster Scholarship:  

    University of Westminster scholarships are for Indian students who aim to pursue graduation abroad. The main motive behind this scholarship is to help deserving students. This scholarship includes full tuition fees, living expenses, and airfare to London.

     The university scholarship introduces students to new-age technology. Introducing new technologies to students will help learners with enhanced skills and critical thinking. 

    The above mentioned are just a few universities offering the scholarship.

    Visit our website to know more about the scholarship programs in a detailed way. The list is very long! 


    Not every student is privileged to live their dream of studying abroad. For those who are not in a position to afford their overseas studies, a scholarship is the best option for them. Financial problems are one of the biggest dilemmas for students, who are keen to study abroad after class 12th, but due to lack of finance, they have to give up on their dreams. Almost all the trending abroad destinations, be it the USA, New Zealand, Canada, or Australia, provide scholarships to international students. But in order to get there, you need a proper and detailed plan. And what better than a team of career consultants! Get in touch with I Dream Career to know your scholarship options.

    Our experienced counselors will provide you with the most suitable scholarship options, raising a faultless application and helping you to live your dream of studying abroad.


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