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  • Tuesday, March, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:27:57
  • The Dubai-based content creator Shaima Hormillosa is loved for her lifestyle. She lives a life that is not only full of extravagant entities but also full of vim and vigour. Aren’t you too influenced by her way of living? Well, if you are and wish to build a similar life, then this young influencer has shared a few things that can aid you.

      It’s often said that a peaceful lifestyle will make your life longer. Shaima Hormillosa shares the same mind. She says, “Adding affluent things doesn’t imply that you have a great lifestyle. Mental peace and sound physical health comprise an ideal lifestyle.’ 

     Shaima Hormillosa also talked about how habits can change one’s lifestyle. She asserted, “A person is known for his habits. If you possess healthy eating habits and are regularly exercising, then you are already living a good lifestyle. Therefore, it is very important to have good patterns of living.” We all agree with what Shaima Hormillosa said. After all, we have been taught this since childhood.  

    The influencer herself leads a healthy life. She is a fitness enthusiast and has been a personal trainer too. She holds a few certifications too. Besides this, the young woman also mentioned how important it is to follow your passion. “One can maintain a perfect balance by following their interests. It is very important that one have interests and build a career based on them. Or else, the work would feel like pressure,” says Shaima Hormillosa. 

     Her Instagram feed is full of her daily activities. One can follow her lifestyle and get new ideas from her by following her on Instagram at @shaimahormillosa  

    She is one of Dubai’s leading content creators and has worked with brands like, Olay, Luvlette, MOTF, Shein, Lemme Be, Lulu Group International, Zayn & Myza, Power Gummies, Glimpse Luxury, Raffaello, GK Hair, Mamaearth, OUNASS, La Senza, and many more. Shaima has achieved various milestones and has a following of more than one million on Instagram. We are sure that she will keep inspiring us.


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