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  • Saturday, May, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:25:54
  • Introduction

    Every medium of research confirms Instagram to be the most popular platform among the social media platforms. It offers content that is exciting visually. It is confirmed that it has attracted millions already and is everyday attracting millions more. Alongside its popularity, this is being reported that it has a cost for mental health also. Let’s explore how Instagram can affect mental health and let’s explore its positive and negative implications.

    How social comparison and self-worth is a concern here

    It is reported and being estimated from trends and behaviors of the users that there is an evident tendency of making comparisons among the users. They keep estimating their social worth and eminence with others. They keep monitoring through story download, what others are posting,  what trends they are setting and then this is how an unending race starts. They become bound to make comparisons of their lives with others on the app, they compare their looks and they also compare what accomplishments they have made in wake of what others had done. These are done through stories that are done and crafted very carefully. What happens in consequence to these? Somewhere elated and somewhere down casted. This can be estimated easily, what proportion could be there between these two situations. So, living with such unavoidable conditions is likely to have adverse effects on the users on Instagram all around.

    The FOMO Funda

    The availability of time, resources and gadgets with different users can never be the same. Those at the top of the hierarchy are some few but they can always give big blows to those at the bottom of the curve. And the bottom of this curve is quite a big one- millions and millions in numbers. Anxiety and dissatisfaction keep creeping among them every moment of their lives they are online on the app. When these users witness picture-perfect stories, reels and posts, and they feel the frequency and quality of their presence on the app any lesser; this is where the FOMO creeps in. And to keep the dilemma constant, instagram video downloader remains an important tool. 

    The Picture Perfect Images of Bodies

    Almost every status seen on Instagram is made to be perfect. People invest a great bit of budgets on achieving images that exhibit no flaws. Here come important questions to surface whether humans are picture perfect? This strikes with reality, and resultantly chaos becomes the order of the users’ brains. 


    Efforts should be made by the Aap Administrators to keep posting such materials or keep introducing such addendums to the product that these negativities may be curbed to maximum in the times to come.  


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