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  • ~Launching on 18th December 2021, MTV Anything For Love, love ke liye kuch bhi karega Fragrance partner Wildstone Intense is a one-of-a-kind game show centered around the compatibility of millennials and Gen Z couples ~

      ~Hosted by the quintessential stand-up comedian Varun Thakur, MTV’s new game show will put couples through four rounds of intimate & compelling tasks to prove their love for their significant other ~

    Happily, Ever After seems so last year! According to a recent survey by the MTV Youth Marketing Forum, 61% of young people have experienced heartbreak, and 64% know someone who has been duped! We see relationship goals all over the internet even in these times of disarray where physical closeness is easier to come by than love, leaving us wondering if such love is too good to be true. Hence MTV India has taken up the challenge of finding the answer to that question by pitting couples and their love to test in their new show ‘MTV Anything for love, love ke liye kuch bhi karega Fragrance partner Wildstone Intense’. Varun Thakur, the improvising genius and internet star, will host this exciting game show, which will premiere on MTV on Saturdays and Sundays at 7 p.m. beginning December 18, 2021.

    Whether it’s been a week or a year since they’ve been together, the chosen couples will have to do tasks beyond their wildest dreams to be named the OTP — One True Pair. Each episode will feature three couples from all walks of life competing for the ultimate prize in four contentious rounds. The challenges will intensify through each passing round as the pairs will be tested across all aspects of a relationship. Be it chemistry, coordination, or knowledge of their better half, pairs will be expected to surpass all expectations to prove their love. The couples will be pushed out of their comfort zones in the last round, which will be the ultimate test of their love after what happens on a Spin Wheel! The winning One True Pair of each episode will be rewarded with a cash prize of 1 lakh rupees!

    Ready to challenge young love and put new-age couples, and their love, under the spotlight, host of MTV’s Anything For Love, Varun Thakur said, “Love in today’s day and age has gone beyond the conventions of mushy romance. The search for one true love continues, but the fun and eccentricity behind these deep emotions is what Anything for Love is all about. It will be the ultimate test of compatibility, but with some of the most entertaining and never seen before twists. I’m excited to explore this journey with the team and I’m sure the show will portray Gen Y and Z’s love and relationships with all the quirks and be a fun ride. We’re all set!”

    Get ready to witness your serotonin, oxytocin, and adrenaline soar to new heights with the twists and turns of MTV’s new eccentric game show filled with fun, thrill, drama, romance & action.

    ~ The journey to put ‘Forever’ to the test begins 18th December 2021, Saturdays, and Sundays at 7 pm only on MTV~


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