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  • Friday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:21:02
  • Marketing techniques have undergone a sea change since the time of our ancestors. Today, businesses rely more on digital marketing than merely sticking with tried-and-true strategies. And why shouldn’t they do it? The value of digital marketing is found in its low cost and wide range of alternatives for connecting with potential clients all around the world.

    The use of social media, email, and content marketing all help to increase brand recognition and inform customers about your goods and services. Meet Harshit Agarwal, a young and dynamic entrepreneur, who provides all these services through his digital marketing agency.

    Born in 1995, Harshit Agarwal comes from a traditional Indian family where his father was a businessman, and his mother was a housewife. While his father instilled business skills in Harshit, his mother taught him to be a compassionate human being. Harshit wanted to become an ethical hacker initially. But, life took him to the digital marketing field where he has worked with over a thousand clients from various industries.

    Harshit Agarwal was passionate about technology from the start and earned his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and Master of Technology (M.Tech) degrees from Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University in Srinagar, Uttarakhand. He entered the digital marketing industry after enrolling in an online course in the field.

    In addition to his technical education, Harshit Agarwal enjoys reading voraciously and expanding his knowledge in a variety of topics. He even enjoys sharing what he has learned and writing down his ideas, which makes him an avid writer.

    During his career of more than eleven years, Harshit Agarwal has become an expert in web design, web development, social media marketing, SEO, UI/UX design, and digital marketing. He has put together all these skills and more in his Bareilly, U.P.-based digital marketing agency, Worldomania, which effectively helps customers grow their businesses. The company has served customers across the world and they have all been satisfied with its digital marketing and related services.

    During his outstanding career, Harshit has created applications and codes for restaurants, clubs, and many other enterprises while working with both international and domestic clients. One of the noteworthy projects, he has worked on is one for an orphanage in Mysore, Karnataka, where he helped create an application that gives a sense of parental affection to kids.

    Due to its extensive eight years of experience in this industry, Worldomania is well-equipped to help its customers enhance their online visibility, website traffic, brand recognition, and revenue. The company handles it all, from setting the goals of its clients to designing their websites.

    Worldomania walks a second mile with its customers to fully comprehend their needs. It is only then that it starts providing its customers with the best services that are specifically tailored to guarantee the ideal growth of their businesses.

    The company gives due credit to its creative and experienced teams that have helped it complete numerous digital marketing and web development projects effectively.

    But it would all be impossible without the great leadership qualities that the One Almighty God has blessed Harshit Agarwal with. Today Harshit has become a successful entrepreneur. But, the humbleness that he meets with friends, and strangers alike is something to be noted.

    Harshit Agarwal keeps the morals he has acquired from both of his parents close to his heart and practices them even while running his digital marketing agency. As a result, his business, Worldomania, has established itself as one of the top providers of exceptional digital marketing services.

    One of the endearing qualities of Harshit is that he is constantly willing to accept challenges and turn them into opportunities for success. All of his clients enjoy this attitude of Worldomania, which is reflected in the high-quality services provided by the company.

    Harshit Agarwal is a persistent person with a never give up attitude. He is confident that he can lead Worldomania to its highest levels of development and success by constantly providing top-notch customer service.


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