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How Has the Indian Online Gambling Industry Grown During the COVID-19 Crisis?

As the world suffers from a global pandemic, many businesses were affected. It has greatly affected the socio-economic condition of all countries across the globe, including first-world countries. To somehow lessen the spread of the virus, many countries implemented lockdown and curfew. There is also some restrictions in business operations, including operations of land-based casinos.

Although pandemic has taken its toll in land-based casinos, it surprisingly positively affects online casinos. The online gaming industry, especially only the gambling sectors, are not only surviving but thriving. Many people switch over to online gambling as it allows them to play their favorite casino games without leaving the comfort of their home. In India, user engagement has significantly increased during the pandemic. It puts online gambling platforms in a better position than the rest of land-based businesses.

Below are the reasons why the Indian online gambling industry has massively grown during a pandemic.

The pandemic that the world continues to suffer has severely affected all sectors, not only businesses but social, industrial, among many others. While many businesses struggle to survive, it is a good thing that the online gaming industry remains unaffected. In fact, it has experienced a rise in the number of players and revenue. For many players, online gambling has become a source of additional income and a deviation from the stress brought about by COVID-19.

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