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  • How has the music industry evolved? Darrpan Bangejaa shares his honest answers

    Published on April 5, 2023

    From buying empty cassettes and then adding your favorite songs to them to subscribing to premium on Spotify, the music industry has come a long way, hasn’t it? To understand how the industry has evolved throughout these years, producer Darrpan Bangejaa has presented his stance.

    It has been years since he marked his foray into the music industry by launching Music 24 Records. So, wouldn’t it be great to learn about the growth of this field from the perspective of some experienced individuals? Sharing his thoughts, Darrpan says, “Yes, we have indeed come a long way. From technology to genres and audiences, the music world has changed on every level. There was a time when radio and a few TV shows were the only options for listening to songs. But now, we have a huge number of applications that offer free and quality music listening services.”

    Adding further, Darrpan Bangejaa commented on how the genre and lyrics of the music industry have changed. He says, “Earlier, we didn’t explore many genres. But today, we are not only trying different genres of music but also loving songs from various languages. While the lyrics were a powerful element of our music industry then, it continues to be so even today.”

    The producer then mentioned how the audience has evolved. Darrpan Bangejaa says, “People have become cognizant of the various types of music. Not only that, but they are now also open to suggestions and ideas. So, this has helped the music industry tremendously. Their criticism has allowed us to improve and grow even more.”

    Darrpan Bangejaa has already delighted us with numerous soulful music videos like Mushkurana Tera, Janaza, etc. Now, he is producing multiple Punjabi and Haryanvi music videos. He rose to fame for releasing their music album, OG Studio, and now he is planning to launch its second season.

    He will also release his debut Malayalam film titled Live in May. It stars Mamta Mohandas, Soubin Shahir, Shine Tom Chacko, and Priya Prakash Varrier. It is directed by two-time National Award winner VK Prakash. We hope his film is a blockbuster.


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