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  • Essays have become extremely popular lately. Essays are required to participate in all kinds of competitions, in many humanities at the final and entrance examinations the ability to write essays is required. Journalists and writers, bloggers, and politicians often refer to this genre of journalism. What is it? Are there any rules for writing an essay from scratch? And how long does it take?

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    What is the Main Point of an Essay?

    The essay does not invite the reader to something but arouses interest in the phenomenon itself, the event, the problem, and the author. Only the one who has something to say takes the essay of their own free will.

    However, fashion dictates its rules to us (essays are forced to write), and as a result, the genre is leveled. Frequent use of thoughts and words are being decimated. Most essays become filled with punches, cliches, repetitions. The authors look alike.

    But from time to time, however, real masterpieces come across in the stream of hack and empty chatter. True, the aesthetic and intellectual pleasure of reading obscures their journalistic focus. The problem itself, of which the interesting author writes, is becoming more and more generalized and, therefore, does not require mandatory resolution. The philosophical essays of the mid-nineteenth century are nothing more than an essay in its present form.

    The author of the essay is a publicist and philosopher, a versatile person. He is not necessarily a theorist or practitioner, but his thoughts are interesting to the reader, affect the secret strings of the soul, make one think.

    Can Anyone Write Essays?

    Of course, not everyone has the ability to write essays. Someone speaks skillfully but cannot express their thoughts in writing. The other has no independent position on the subject.

    But what about assignments to write essays? Just like with other training tasks: perform. Need to means need to. In most cases, you do not expect thought-eruptions and something extraordinary. Of course, it would be desirable to be mistaken, but too unlikely.

    First of all, it is necessary to clearly represent what they want from you. Let’s say a cover letter (like a kind of essay) tests your potential as an employee or student. An essay for a thematic contest shows your attitude to the problem. The essay as part of the exam in History or Social Studies is evaluated against the specific criteria specified in the special documents. An essay on a free topic for publication in the media or a blog is something individual, creative, and authorial.

    Each type of essay has its own peculiarities, but one must always think about how the question will be answered. You need to practice, try, show your essays to different people, test their reactions. Filter out thousands of tons of verbal ore. In short, to seek your style, to achieve perfection. The ideal may not be achievable, but we must strive for it.

    How, After All, to Write?

    Write honestly. Don’t draw. Don’t try to be who you are not. Do not attribute to yourself other people’s thoughts and actions. At the same time, demonstrate your awareness of the issue under consideration. Are there gaps in knowledge? Get ready, read the compulsory and additional literature. Find out what great scholars, philosophers, writers, and politicians have talked about on this topic.

    How to write a piece of reasoning? – Such a form of academic writing, as a rule, involves writing work on a free, not necessarily a literary work, a topic in the form of a small story in your own words with a reflection on a given theme of the essay, such as “My favorite time of year”, “Our planet is our home” etc.

    How to write a small essay? – The genre of mini-writing in the form of a small sketch on a given topic is called an essay. In fiction, essays often have an emotional, sensual transmission of the mood of the described landscape, events. The main feature of the essay is the free expression of thoughts and feelings, the answer to the question posed in a rather small volume of the text.

    How to write a composition based on an artist’s painting? – Description of the painting implies disclosure of the theme of the story of the work. It is important to pay attention to every detail for a complete presentation of the action, plot, or landscape: what the artist wanted to show through the painting.

    How to prepare a message on a given topic? – The message is a summary of the immediate essence. In this case, there is always a clear theme, and the artistic value of the work is completely absent.

    Good luck!