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  • How Lucres.com Makes Job Hunting and Hiring a Breeze?

    Published on April 16, 2024

    The world of work is constantly evolving, but one thing remains stubbornly unchanged: the tedious dance of creating and responding to job postings.

    New Delhi : For recruiters, crafting the perfect description that attracts top talent while adhering to company guidelines is a juggling act.  For candidates, wading through a sea of generic postings to find the right fit can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

    Lucres.com, founded in 2020 by Suhas Bonageri, aims to revolutionize this process with its innovative platform, driven by the mission of “Making Jobs as common as a tweet.”

    Suhas Bonageri saw a clear need: “Jobs have become a niche market, with the entire recruitment process being an expensive and tiresome task.

    Lucres.com tackles these challenges head-on –

    Free Job Postings: Unlike traditional job boards, Lucres.com allows employers to post an unlimited number of jobs entirely free. This empowers startups and small businesses in tier 2 or 3 cities to compete for talent without breaking the bank.

    Goodbye, Generic Descriptions:  Lucres.com encourages clear and concise job postings that highlight company culture and growth opportunities. This attracts passionate candidates who are a good fit for the role.

    Community Power: The platform fosters a vibrant community where users can share job postings within their network. This “Repost Feature” functions similarly to a retweet, significantly expanding the reach of job postings and increasing the chances of finding the perfect candidate. Users who share relevant jobs can earn up to 75% of Lucres.com’s revenue if a candidate is contacted by the recruiter, creating a win-win situation.

    Lucres.com isn’t solely focused on serving employers; it also empowers job seekers in various ways.

    One of its standout features is the provision of personalized job feeds tailored to individual preferences. By curating relevant job opportunities, Lucres.com eliminates the need to shift through a sea of generic postings, enhancing the user experience significantly.

    Moreover, the platform simplifies the application process with its streamlined approach. Gone are the days of filling out lengthy, repetitive forms for each application. Instead, users can create a comprehensive profile showcasing their skills and experience, enabling them to apply for multiple positions quickly and effortlessly.

    In addition to streamlining applications, Lucres.com emphasizes transparency and tracking throughout the hiring process. Both employers and job seekers have access to tools that allow them to monitor the progress of applications, promoting trust and ensuring that everyone involved stays informed.

    Lucres.com envisions a future where job hunting and hiring are efficient and user-friendly. They are constantly adapting, looking to incorporate features that personalize the experience and prioritize human connection. With a dedicated support team and a focus on growth, Lucres.com is poised to revolutionize the recruitment landscape, benefiting both employers and job seekers alike.


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