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  • Saturday, May, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:26:43
  • The Internet of Things or IoT technology is bringing many futuristic prospects to life. Technology has made everyday appliances from toasters to refrigerators smarter than ever. Thanks to mobile applications, people can control their thermostats from miles away or get notified when someone rings their doorbell.  

    All they need is an internet connection and a standard smartphone. If you don’t have the latter, go check out Spectrum phone deals to get yourself a new one. Applications on Android and iOS platforms allow people to interact with their IoT devices without any trouble.

    History of IoT Devices

    It may come to you as a surprise that IoT devices are not new. They have been around for almost 4 decades. The first IoT device was made at Carnegie Mellon University in the 1980s. It was a vending machine that was programmed to send a message when soda was cold. Pretty geeky, right?

    There have been hundreds of IoT devices developed ever since. All such devices have a small computer with internet access capability that makes sending and receiving messages possible. Thanks to smartphones and dedicated applications, IoT devices are serving people in more ways than ever.   

    The following are the ways mobile devices have played a crucial role in the development of Internet of Things technology:  

    Convenience with Smarter Appliances

    People who have a smart thermostat at home can adjust the temperature before they get home. They can set the temperature for their convenience instead of waiting for the room’s environment to get hot or cold. Besides convenience, such control also helps cut down the utility bills. Further, your ACs can tell you when the filters have to be cleaned for optimum performance with a text notification.

    Your refrigerators can notify you in case of any problem with the power. Plus, some fridges can notify you when certain foods are about to expire. This feature can help you manage your groceries better. Some companies even have touchscreen panels and screens on their fridges that allow you to play music or videos. Such features may not be very useful. However, the ability to do all this from a refrigerator is simply amazing.  

    Apart from refrigerators, even toasters and ovens have internet capabilities and can send notifications to your phone. Your toast doesn’t get burnt nor do your cakes get overbaked. People experience all this convenience thanks to the combination of smartphones and IoT devices.  

    Home Security

    Home security is one of the greatest things to happen because of IoT devices. People can leave their valuable belongings, kids, and pets at home with peace of mind. Home security cameras can keep you up to date with the happenings in your house straight from the app. You can even see what happens outside too with outdoor cameras. See who comes to your house and at what time with camera doorbells. Smart door locks can also record activity with time.  

    In case of an emergency like short circuits or fires, smart smoke detectors can notify you. Your family, belongings, and yourself can be saved from many catastrophes all thanks to IoT devices paired with your phones.  

    IoT Wearables

    With the increasing popularity of smartwatches, smart glasses, and health bands, wearables have one of the highest demands among IoT devices. AR and VR headsets also fall under this category. These devices can make your online meetings, your gaming experience, and other things a lot better.  

    Smartwatches and fitness bands have superb features like counting steps and tracking heartbeat. These devices can help people track their everyday performance and strive for better results. Such features can play a significant role in improving the quality of life for many people.  

    Medical wearables like blood pressure monitors, biosensors, and ECG monitors can record a patient’s stats and share them with a doctor. Such developments can save the lives of many patients. Further developments may help create more lifesaving smart devices for customers.


    IoT devices have made many aspects of life more convenient and secure than before. The ease of access to smartphones has played a monumental role in helping people to use these devices to their actual potential. In other words, all the benefits people notice every day from IoT devices are because of both the devices and smartphones.  


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