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  • Monday, December, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:35:57
  • Data is an essential part in business of any kind. Collecting, analyzing and using data helps businesses strengthen their marketing efforts and shorten the buying cycle of the consumer and therefore increases the ROI of a business. And Ozias Media, a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai is doing just this.

    Ozias is a Digital Solution and Marketing company that was established in 2015 by Ajinkya Mishra. The team led by Ajinkya is adept in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM and UI Design. Besides this, Ozias Media also provides services such as Graphic Designing and Website Development.

    Ozias Media has been using data driven strategies along with their speciality in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) to create a specific plan for their clients business to grow an online presence, brand loyalty and ROI.

    These data driven strategies are created using analytical tools including Ahrefs, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.These tools can lend you current and past data such as a reader’s touchpoint, how long a they spent on a specific page and what was the path taken by the consumer before they eventually bought a product or service.

    Besides the data mentioned above, the digital marketing agency also gains access to the following data:

    Browser And OS Used By The User

    Click Through Rate (CTR)

    Bounce Rate

    Dwell Time

    Pages Per Visit

    Repeat Visits

    Time spent on The Site

    Links Clicked on The Website

    The team at Ozias uses all of this information to understand consumer behaviour and create a data driven plan to target and retarget consumers while running their SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Ads campaigns.

    The data collected for SEO is slightly different. For SEO, information such as the number of monthly searches a keyword in a particular field gets and how many of these searches result in new visitors. If a website is already ranking for a keyword, the ranking page is optimised to get more viewers and conversions.

    Along with the data that is accumulated, Ajinkya also says that there needs to be a lot of A/B testing done before they can finalise on a strategy that gives them the best results in a specific period.

    As an example, Ozias Media has been working on a site named November Culture which is an affiliate website that reviews household, beauty and fitness products in India. When Ozias first took over the project, November Culture used to receive just above 1000 unique visitors per month.

    After a few brainstorming sessions, it was decided that running Google and Social Media Ads for the affiliate website would not result in a greater ROI than if they focused on SEO for the website. A/B testing was done to analyse and improve the CTR and conversion of the website. This was improved by redeveloping the website and making the website more user friendly for the reader.

    To improve the number of unique visitors scrolling through the website, Ozias focused on searching for specific and more suitable and specific keywords for the website such as “Best Oven Under 5000”. After redeveloping the website and targeting new keywords, November Culture now receives 42000 unique visitors a month. Since November Culture now has a higher CTR, unique visitors and conversions, the ROI of the website has increased significantly.

    Ozias has worked and helped other websites in the same way. By using Data Driven insights, you target the correct audience and learn how they behave which increases the chance of conversion. Using Data driven insights therefore increases the ROI more than conventional marketing would.