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    How Show Stoppers The Band Brew A Perfect Mix Of Music

    Published on April 24, 2021

    Let’s turn back the clock and reminiscence about the iconic Tata Sky ad for their My Pack. How the man sat down at a restaurant and ordered every thali. Remember how he chose his favourite parts from all the dishes and contentedly enjoyed his meal?

    Oh, how we wish that was the case with everything. If we could choose all our favourites and enjoy them together.

    Well, we can’t speak for everything, but after getting to know the Show Stoppers, we can talk at length about live music. Be it a Sangeet or a stage show, wedding or cocktail party, the Show Stoppers meld with everything.

    Show Stoppers the band are a group of six musicians from Delhi. All of them are great artists in their own right, but whenever all six are on the stage together, it’s bound to be a rocking night.

    All of them are different artistically but their connection with each other brings out an eclectic setlist that covers all the genres near and dear to our hearts.

    The singers – Rao Gaurav and Shipra Bagh are so adept, that they can sing in each style effortlessly. Anytime these two have a mic in their hands, they give the audience the best vocals that connect straight to the crowd.

    The band’s hype creator – Bhuvan Vikram Singh never fails to warm up the crowd and get everyone on their feet, ready to dance the night away.

    The Show Stoppers also feature DJ Abhi, dhol player Rinku and percussionist Tarun Raj. All three of them are experienced artists who have perfected their respective fields.

    Tarun Raj has played at tons of social events including high profile parties and clubs. He has nearly a decade worth of experience that leaves everyone entranced. 

    Rinku has played at international venues and worked with the likes of RDB and Jassi Sidhu. DJ Abhi too has played internationally and worked with big names of the Punjabi music industry.

    The dynamic between the Show Stoppere The Band members can master any genre and serve it on golden platter. As we said, we don’t know about everything, but when it comes to music, with Show Stoppers The Band you sure can enjoy all your favourites to your heart’s content.