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  • Monday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:03:52
  • The commute to work might seem like something that has absolutely zero redeeming features, but that might be indicative of an opportunity for you to make it more enjoyable yourself. Part of the misery comes from the fact that you woke up early and are now headed towards a long day of work, but that’s no reason to waste this part of the day completely.

    You can flip the commute on its head to make it something that you actively look forward to, and you can do that all with your smartphone. Your phone is an incredible, multi-purpose tool, so it’s no wonder that it can provide you with ways to alleviate boredom and direct your attitude and mood in a more positive direction for the day ahead.

    Relax and Have Fun

    While it might be difficult to overcome the malaise that plagues you at this time of the day with the looming threat of a long workday, you can try to with the help of the relaxation and fun your phone provides. A simple example of this can be seen by delving into the wide world of mobile gaming. You can get a glimpse of this by heading down to your app store of choice, but it’s not your only option, and you might instead find that you are drawn in by the prospect of an online casino. In the case of the latter, you want to be sure that you start your day off on the right foot by finding the right outlet, so better check out some online casino reviews beforehand.

    Set the Mood with Music

    You might already be familiar with using your phone on the commute for the purpose of listening to music. This is an activity that doesn’t really require any input from you and can be quite a pleasant way to start the morning. You might find that this is an opportunity to push your mood in the right direction. While listening to upbeat music while you’re feeling quite dismal can be jarring and annoying, choosing to wallow in this mood with equally melancholy music might simply make you feel worse.

    There is a sweet spot that exists here, and you might find that the answer doesn’t lie in any song that you already know but instead in listening to new music.

    Catch Up with Your Friends

    As easy as it sounds, sometimes you just don’t feel like replying to messages. This can go on and on until you find that you have a bunch of messages from friends or family members that you haven’t replied to in some time. You didn’t mean to ignore them, of course, but life just got in the way. This is a good opportunity to reignite the conversation and express some interest. They might not reply straight away, but you could find that when you check your phone again later, you’ve got something to look forward to in the form of an eventual reply to these morning messages.


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