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  • How the Jewish Community Is Responding to America’s Problem of Antisemitism

    Published on February 13, 2024

    The Jewish community embraces resilience in ways others have never fathomed. They have lived in the throes of persecution, discrimination, and stereotypes for centuries. Antisemitism has always existed to some extent in the United States, but it’s been exacerbated by the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel that took place on Oct. 7, 2023. It was an event that shook the world.

    Now, the progression of the fight against antisemitism has taken a step backward, according to American of Israeli descent businessman and philanthropist Adam Milstein, who immigrated to the United States, built a successful business, and now works extensively as a venture philanthropist and community leader.

    According to Milstein, the Jewish people are renewed targets for genocide in the wake of the brutal Hamas attack, the latest in a long list of such atrocities. “Each year Jews and non-Jews around the world recite the mantra ‘Never Again’ to remember the 6 million Jewish lives and tens of millions of other victims murdered by the Nazis,” Milstein wrote in the Jerusalem Post. “And then, each year, we continue to see Jew-hatred and antisemitic violent attacks continue to soar all over the world.”

    Perspectives Differ Between Israel and the United Nations

    As of Dec. 1, 2023, the death toll from the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas terrorists is about 1,200, including Jews and those not of the Jewish faith. With each civilian, soldier, and ally that falls, the battle cry of the Jewish community to fight those who support their oppression grows more urgent. Adam Milstein insists that Judaism must be preserved, and the need for a continued Israeli state must not be deterred.

    During a nonbinding vote that took place in the United Nations on December 2023, 153 of the 193 countries that are a part of the United Nations General Assembly voted in favor of ending the Israel-Gaza conflict, which is considered a pro-Hamas stance, while 23 countries abstained from a vote. Only 10 countries, including the United States, which is home to over 47% of the world’s Jewish population, didn’t vote in favor of the resolution.

    “No one says that Israel is perfect, but when Israel is constantly criticized and attacked by Jews, it can no longer be seen as the center of Jewish American life,” Milstein said in an interview with the Jerusalem Post. “Many Jewish communities push Israel aside to the point it has become inflammatory to support the State of Israel.”

    Sadly, the U.S. vote against the resolution has received criticism from groups on both sides of the political spectrum, , and organizations, such as Doctors Without Borders, have shockingly expressed support and compassion for Gaza’s suffering.

    The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation Supports a Philanthropic Approach to These Issues

    Who will take on this challenge and bridge the gap of awareness that exists? Americans of Israeli descent and Jewish Americans have been called upon to tap into that resilience once again and tackle the challenges of antisemitism head-on. Public awareness, social media activism, and constant engagement to promote this message is essential.

    Groups that desire to fight antisemitism can no longer seek singular credit for their efforts. Americans of Israeli descent and Jewish Americans alike must unite and spread the word as a cohesive team. They must also collaborate with other groups outside the Jewish community to educate and expose that antisemitism is not only a Jewish problem – it’s a problem for all Americans. It’s a signal of societal decay as history has repeatedly showed that what starts with the Jews never ends with them. Those who wish to harm Jews wish also to destroy America and undermine its institutions.   These group efforts are the key to a united and powerful force to identify challenges and opportunities to battle antisemitism, plus demonstrating through action that bigotry and hate can be overcome in the United States. 

    The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation supports a promising new approach to issues with philanthropy. It embraces an innovative philanthropic philosophy based on three unique principles: active philanthropy, strategic force-multiplication, and philanthropic synergy. By implementing these principals, awareness of antisemitism will lead to healing, growth, and a better path forward for Jewish Americans, which means a truly united state of America.

    Milstein explained his philanthropic philosophy: “I listen to people who bring new concepts, and sometimes we implement them if it is something that is innovative and fresh. It is a great feeling when you can do something and are not just complaining. There is a lot that everyone can do if they think outside the box.”

    Adam Milstein endorses the phrase, “Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh La’Zeh,” which translates as “All Jews are responsible for one another.” In a recent interview, he explained, “My approach to fighting antisemitism is to build alliances with Americans who are fighting the internal and external enemies of America, which also happen to be the enemies of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

    “Combating antisemitism and strengthening Israel go hand in hand with fighting the enemies of the U.S.”


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