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  • Most people who choose a career in healthcare do so because they want to work hard to help others long-term and strive for dependent career progression within an industry which counts. Healthcare is one industry which allows a high amount of career progression if you’d like to develop your skills and move to the next level, no matter your role or job area.

    If you’re looking to understand how to advance your healthcare career or wondering about the advancements within healthcare roles, this guide can help you.

    Considering Your Own Advancement

    Advancement means something different to each person, and wanting your job to grow and develop is very much dependent on your own wants, needs, and abilities. If you’re unsure what kind of advancement you would like or how far you want to progress, you should think openly and honestly about what you want from your healthcare career.

    Advancement in some healthcare roles may take a lot of extra hard work on top of what you’re already doing and may also take years of further clinical hours, training, or qualifications to reach the point of advancement you’re looking to achieve.

    Therefore it’s a good idea to first explore your options and think about the time and energy you would like to spare for career progression and your motivations for doing so. You want to be sure that every extra hour and effort you put in is always worth it, after all.

    Some Ideas for Advancing Your Career in Healthcare

    Create Your Long-Term Goals

    You can’t hope to advance comfortably if you don’t exactly know what you’re aiming for. Spending time to sit and think about your long-term career goals and plan them out is a great idea to focus your mind and your time.

    This could be plans for relocation, moving into a different healthcare category, or the role you’re hoping to accomplish long-term. Your own goals are personal to you, but once you have decided what you need them to be, you can then take the right steps to accomplish them.

    Always Research the Next Step in Your Current Role

    If you love what you already do and are looking to gain more responsibility, experience, or maybe even a higher wage, then researching the roles available to you as a next step up could be key. It can often feel daunting to think about new learning opportunities and qualifications that need to be performed around an already busy schedule, but online learning opportunities, like an MSN nurse degree, make it a lot easier to work progression around your current working schedule.

    Speak to Others

    Getting advice from others in your field or the field you’re hoping to go into can be extremely helpful for the right kind of guidance. This could be speaking to someone you know and trust in your working environment, such as colleagues or your boss, or it could even be through networking and online resources or discussions.

    It may also be a good idea for you to speak to your superior about any career progression you’re wishing to make, such as during your own appraisals and reviews, so that you can openly discuss what you’re looking for. It’s always handy to have your superiors know your long-term career aspirations so that they can help you along in the right way.

    Put in the Hours

    You may need to work extra hours to accomplish what you need, or perhaps learn something new about other roles. Being open to covering shifts or working extra shifts within healthcare can really help your advancement, as you may not be able to get very far if you’re restricted to working as little hours as possible. This hard work may also be what singles you out if you want to apply for any promotion opportunities in the future and are looking to reflect a strong work ethic.

    While this is important, it’s also important not to burn yourself out, especially within a demanding healthcare field. Always make sure you’re only working the hours you can comfortably work and the extra you can do, without sacrificing your own health and downtime.

    Make Sure Everything You Do is In Line with Your Goals

    You don’t want to get sidetracked with anything which isn’t going to help you achieve your career advancement. There’s no benefit to undertaking specific training or qualifications if they have nothing to do with the advancement you’re trying to achieve.

    Always keep your own goals in mind and take the right steps for your career advancement, trusting your gut along the way.


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