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  • Slip and fall injuries often occur unexpectedly and have the potential to cause significant, possibly life-altering injuries. In instances where those victimized feel the incident in question was precipitated by another party’s negligent or malfeasant behavior, said individuals might be entitled to compensation. When such circumstances arise, consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Calgary may be warranted.

    Common Locations

    These types of incidents can occur almost anywhere at any time. Said accidents commonly occur in locations like sidewalks, parking lots, building corridors, staircases, and floors.

    Precipitating Factors

    Slip and fall accidents are often brought forth by potential hazards, such as wet floors, ice or snow-covered pavement in parking lots or sidewalks, cracked or uneven walkways, potholes, rippled or worn carpeting and cluttered walking spaces.

    Duty Of Care

    Slip and fall accidents are a facet of personal injury law known as premises liability. This mandate dictates that the owner or manager of a home, building or any location situated on said grounds has a legal responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for those who visit said places.

    For example, if a snow or ice storm recently occurred, the property’s manager or proprietor has a legal obligation to clear driveways, parking lots or surrounding sidewalks of such potentially hazardous precipitation. Moreover, building owners are also charged with the duty of warning visitors of the existing hazard. Case in point, if any part of the establishment’s floor is wet, the proprietor should give discernible notice that such conditions exist.

    Proving A Successful Outcome

    To yield a successful outcome, both plaintiff and personal injury lawyer in Calgary must demonstrate that the defendant was the rightful owner or bared some authority over the premises, a dangerous situation existed, the purportedly responsible individuals failed to either address the situation or properly alert the general public of such issue, the plaintiff’s injuries were related to the incident and no other physical or medical problem and the damages said party seeks is strictly correlated to those injuries.

    The Plaintiff’s Role

    A prospective plaintiff can significantly increase their chances for success by executing tasks like taking photos of the offending location, gathering credible eyewitnesses, documenting the time immediately prior to and during the accident and obtaining an immediate medical evaluation and copies of said records.