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  • Wednesday, September, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:59:26
  • Over two decades have passed since social media became trendy. Today, social media is a vital commercial tool for earning money.YouTube is among the most valuable social media sites nowadays.  To earn revenue, you need to make your YouTube channel viral. How can you do it? You can do it by increasing the number of subscribers on YouTube. The more subscriber, the more your videos get “likes” and make you rich. So in this video, we will explain how you can get 500 subscribers on YouTube. Let’s start the discussion.

    How Important Are YouTube Subscribers?

    You can do two ways to get a large audience on YouTube.

    • More videos may increase search results.
    • More subscribers will boost video views.

    Both ways are crucial for your YouTube account. Since subscribers and other viewers will share or interact with your material, your channel will be more noticeable.

    Moreover, if you want to monetize your video with Google AdSense, you must meet 4000k watch hours. So, in this term, subscribers matter. However, the number of subscribers is irrelevant if you wish for a growth-oriented attitude.

    Most YouTubers confuse why they need a YouTube subscriber. Acquiring a subscriber means gaining a viewer who is more likely to watch your channel’s future videos, which means more overall viewers. In this sense, subscribers are essential.

    How Long Does YouTube Take to Get 500 Subscribers?

    Every YouTube channel has a unique time requirement to get 500 subscribers. Some content producers are experienced, while others are novices. There is no specific measurement of how long it takes to get 500 subscribers. You may quickly amass 500 subscribers on YouTube if you constantly promote your videos across social media, publish new content regularly, and otherwise adhere to YouTube’s best practices. Or, if you stop to publish your content on the YouTube channel after some time, it’ll take more time to reach 500 subscribers.

    Ways to Increase Your Number of viewers on YouTube

    You can increase your YouTube subscriber base through a variety of methods. For example, you should buy youtube views to boost your subscribers.  However, I suggest many ways to focus on a particular component of your YouTube channel.

    Watermark Your Videos

    YouTube gives you the option of including a watermark in your videos. The watermark will appear on the right side of the videos. You may also erase and replace the watermark.

    • The steps for adding a watermark:
    • First, go to your YouTube studio.
    • Then, click “Customization” from the left sidebar.
    • Next, go to the “Branding” Tab.
    • Navigate to the Video Watermark area and add your logo there.
    • To make your changes, choose “Publish” from the menu.

    YouTube Subscribe Link to Your Video Descriptions

    You can add your subscribe reminders in your videos. You can also include connections to your affiliate sites, websites, and social media profiles. This function may be used in every video to encourage viewers to subscribe. Here’s the step for creating a subscription link for your channel:

    • First, copy your channel’s main URL from your homepage.
    • Then Include a subscription string in your Channel URL like  “ ?sub_confirmation=1” at the end of your URL.
    • Put it into your video description.

    Find the Most Subscribed Videos

    From “subscribers by video,” you can find the videos that have the got most subscribers. YouTube metrics include your subscription video information, especially the subscriber count graph.

    • Go to YouTube Studio, then click analytics from the left sidebar.
    • Now you can see your monthly views, subscribers, profit, and viewing time from the YouTube dashboard.
    • Now select “Subscribers By Video” under “secondary metric.”  Now review your videos’ subscriber columns. Which has the most subscribers? Try to make the same video content.

    YouTube Thumbnail Image

    To increase your viewers on YouTube, you may create a custom video thumbnail. For YouTube thumbnails, the default dimensions are 1280 x 720. You may improve your YouTube videos’ clickthrough rate (CTR) by creating personalized thumbnails with annotations and related imagery. Users will better understand your video after seeing a personalized thumbnail with minimal description.

    If you aren’t developing engaging thumbnails for your YouTube videos, you’re losing out on an excellent opportunity to get new subscribers.

    Create Captivating Content

    Making your content engaging, helpful, and amusing is essential, as maintaining it throughout the video. You’ll lose viewers if you miss the hook in the middle.

    Ensure that your videos are both educational and enjoyable to watch. In terms of content marketing, videos that accomplish both entertainment and educational goals perform well.

    If you are a camera-shy person, screencasts will be good for you. The potential for screencasts to serve both educational and entertaining purposes remains intact. Make sure your films are fun and valuable before you post them.

    Improve YouTube Titles’ Click-Through Rate

    The key to YouTube fame is standing out from the crowd. One clever strategy is to give your films offbeat titles. In this approach, viewers will be drawn to your channel out of simple curiosity. If you want your channel to reap the benefits of social proof, you need views, and having catchy headlines is a big part of that. However, you’ll also need to learn about search engine optimization (SEO) on YouTube to attract possible viewers.

    • Use the keyword in the titles.
    • Google Adwords may reveal online search trends.
    • Keep the title short and simple.
    • Create a catchy name for your work.
    • Do not include the term “video” in the title.
    • Come up with a title that explains the article well.

    Make a Captivating Trailer for Your Channel

    YouTube has a significant function called channel trailers that will play a video when you open a channel. To keep viewers interested, you must regularly enhance your channel trailer. An excellent channel trailer would be between 30 and 60 seconds long.

    Publis 10+ Minutes Videos

    Formerly, shorter videos do better, but as YouTube has gained traction, lengthier videos have taken the lead. It should be more than 10 minutes long, include helpful information, be entertaining, and be straightforward to understand. It’s challenging to make long videos, but it will be beneficial if you can do that.


    We hope you’ll get all your answers about getting more subscribers on your channel. Now you can apply these tactics on your YouTube channels. Before using this, you must have a script. You’ll get more subscribers if you make an engaging video.


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