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  • Monday, January, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:18:52
  • Why is publicity so important right now

    Baden Bower sees dark clouds on the horizon. The PR Agency, serving clients globally, is concerned about the state of the economy. 

    The earnings downgrade cycle just started, according to their Head Journalist, Adrian John Ignacio. It’s 2022 and the global economy has been savaged. As on Wall Street, this valuation drop has been very much about price; while rising bond yields have pushed discount rates up and shares down.

    The great fear among investors around the world is that share prices could come under more selling pressure if the combination of elevated inflation, higher interest rates and slowing economic growth start to lead investors to rethink the outlook for earnings.

    And that’s exactly what appears to be happening. Cost cutting is just around the corner. 

    But what about start-ups and how will they continue to grow?

    Entrepreneurs who don’t have two years of runway in the bank are having uncomfortable conversations with staff they hired at generous salaries just a few months ago. In board meetings, investors are likely to spend more time on the sales pipeline than recent hires.

    These are uncertain times. According to Crunchbase, more than 21,000 tech workers in the United States have been laid off since mid-June.

    Experience is the best teacher, and most venture capitalists know that when capital markets dry up, cutting costs is paramount. However founders cannot lose sight of growth targets, they just have to be smarter about achieving them. 

    Publicity might be the cheapest way to grow a brand.

    Since the stakes are so high, founders and managers need an edge that won’t cost an arm. 

    Building a reputation, ranking for important keywords that drive leads and sales, and being continuously in the news is a sure fire way to grow without chewing up all your spare capital. 

    One of the best ways to do this is by getting your startup featured in the media, and a new breed of PR Agency offers short-cuts to getting your brand in the media spotlight so you can withdraw or significantly cut back on expensive Google and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) advertising.

    Enter Baden Bower, a PR Agency with a difference. 

    Baden Bower has developed a proprietary system of news story placements across the globe, ensuring its clients by-pass the pitching stage and get guaranteed media coverage for any topic. 

    The leading PR agency has developed a fool proof strategy to get articles written about you even if you’ve had no previous exposure. 

    Their network is vast and their news stories come with guaranteed publication, or your money back. 

    As you gain more notoriety and more popularity, it will become easier for you to work your way into higher-profile publications. And when you own Google News, SEO rankings boom which is the holy grail for anyone with an online presence. 


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