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  • Sunday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:23:58
  • If your business thrives on likes, comments and shares on Instagram, then you must have often wondered how to make content that sticks. What is the magic formula to make reels go viral? Creating viral content is not an easy feat by any means but there are a few things that you can do to improve your chances of gaining traction, boosting growth and creating content that makes an impact.

    1.     Be authentic

    Whether you are an individual content creator or a business, it is important to have your brand’s unique voice and presence. It is very easy to drown in the digital cacophony. To avoid doing that create a brand persona for Instagram that is authentic and true to your identity. Your content won’t make a lasting impression if you are like thousands of others.

    2.     Be consistent

    Consistency is key to making your brand memorable on any platform. This means posting regularly, following a consistent style and making efforts to stick to your brand guidelines. This tells the algorithm that you are active, visible and helps boost engagement.

    3.     Understand and engage with your audience

    Who are your followers? Are you connecting with your preferred target audience? How do you keep them engaged and coming for more? Answering questions like these can help you build content that resonates with your core audience.

    4.     Use an SMM panel for Instagram

    Many businesses and content creators have found success with Social Media Marketing Panels or SMM panels. These panels work by streamlining and automating much of the backend stuff to help your business gain momentum quickly. You can look for an Instagram SMM panel or choose a panel that is compatible with all platforms.  Businesses can purchase various types of engagement such as likes, followers, views, and comments.

    5.     Collaborate

    Celebrity endorsements may not be within everyone’s reach but collaborating with influencers in your domain can be a clever way to promote your business. Influencers have a niche and engaged following that can give an instant boost to your content.

    6.     Experiment with content

    Instagram is a highly dynamic and visual platform. You don’t need to fear experimentation. Think of creative ways to showcase your business with different types of media. Use video making and editing software that helps you add effects, captions, and animation to cut through the clutter. In addition to standard newsfeed videos, you can also leverage IGTV to make longer videos. Create TikTok style reels to capture attention. In short, play around with various formats and effects to find something that is compelling.

    7.     Use Instagram SEO

    SEO is an incredibly powerful tool for Instagram. In fact, unlike other instagram trends that come and go, SEO always remains important to improve your chances of appearing in front of the relevant audience.

    Instagram SEO ensures that you are including the right captions, alt text, hashtags and keywords in your content to boost your chances of discovery.  Doing SEO right tells the algorithms that you have the right content for a specific type of audience. The stronger your SEO game, the better it is. For instance, if you are a nutritionist specializing in plant-based meals, you can place the words Vegan Nutrition, or WFPB advocate in your bio. Also research popular hashtags for vegan or plant-based nutrition and add them to your content. Also use alt text to describe your content where possible.

    8.     Leverage Instagram Stories

    Not every brand can post memes or reels but almost every brand should make the most of Instagram Stories. What are Instagram Stories?

    Stories let you share raw, everyday moments with your audience and build a connection through photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. You can use Stories to promote a product using a quote, provide tips on using your service, or conduct a poll to get people talking about your brand. You can increase the reach of your Stories by adding highlights to your Instagram bio.


    Building content that sticks on Instagram needs real effort in terms of authenticity, consistency, audience engagement, and use of tools such as SMM panels. By using Instagram best practices, and creating your brand’s unique voice, you can transform your Instagram presence and achieve your business goals.


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