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  • How to make sure you design large canvas prints perfectly

    Published on August 7, 2019

    Designing large canvas prints is an art as normally the larger the print size the more pixelated the picture or image actually looks. To get that same level of sharpness and clarity on a small canvas print to a large canvas print is a science that can make a large impact on the interior of your home or office.

    This article looks at everything you need to know about canvas prints and how to design them perfectly to match your home or office decor.


    What Is A Canvas Print?

    If you are looking for some artwork to put up in your home or office and are a novice when it comes to art in general here is a look at what a large canvas print is and how it can change the very look and feel of your room. 

    A canvas print, unlike a canvas painting, is an image printed from an inkjet printer on to a canvas. A canvas painting is hand made whereas as a canvas print is simply an image that is printed and stretched on to a canvas frame. Just like a canvas painting you can have your canvas print with either a frameless border or a frame of your choosing.

    Types of Canvas Prints

    Canvas prints are often confused for mounted or acrylic prints. In reality, a canvas print is quite different in certain regards. A mounted print is a paper print that is attached to a backing board. This type of print comes in handy when you are looking to preserve a photo before framing or hanging it on a wall.

    Acrylic prints, on the other hand, are images printed on photographic paper. Canvas prints are the closest you can get to a canvas painting digitally as it offers a similar look and feel to that of an oil or acrylic painting.

    Why Canvas Prints?

    Canvas prints have become increasingly popular in both homes and offices as it is a more affordable and convenient option compared to a hand-made canvas painting. Canvas prints also offer the liberty of running wild with your imagination and print out large canvas sized images of things that evoke the inner artist within you.  

    Canvas prints are also versatile and easy to maintain compared to other art and thus it is ideal for either a home or office setting. Transform your walls with collages and unique messages to inspire, motivate and elevate your mind. Canvas prints are certainly an affordable, attractive and convenient solution for home and office decor.

    Types of Canvases

    Certain companies specialize in making large-sized canvas prints that are of much higher quality than the rest of the options available in the market. Many things go on behind the scenes like what type of canvas material is being used and the efficiency of the process itself that all have an impact on the end result. Like any art, canvas printing requires skill, knowledge, and expertise to get the best results possible from a particular image.

    The canvas itself plays an important role in the end quality of the canvas print. Canvases can be made from a variety of materials including cotton, hemp, linen, and polyester. Most canvas prints that you buy have canvases made from either cotton or polyester. 

    The main difference between these cotton and polyester canvases is the color quality that you get in the final image. Cotton canvases are more expensive than polyester canvases as cotton fibers allow colors to seep into the cloth for an almost museum-like quality feel to the image. Cotton canvases also tend to last a lot longer and look close to what an oil painting would like.

    On the other hand, polyester canvases are cheaper and the synthetic polyester strands do not allow colors to seep through resulting in brighter and more colorful prints. Choosing the right type of canvas for the image in question is essential to the desired result you want.

    Large-sized Canvas Prints

    Large-sized canvas prints are tricky to pull off as it is harder to print an image on canvas than it is on paper. The smooth surface of paper ensures shaper details but fails at producing artwork as it lacks texture and the glare caused by sunlight makes it an ineffective solution for large-sized prints. 

    Canvas offers a lot more texture and almost a paint-like feel to the image and a lot more durable than paper. This makes it the most ideal cost-effective solution for home and office decor and can change the entire complexion of your room. Canvas prints are permanent and can not be swapped out like paper prints from a frame.

    The texture and the depth offered by canvases make them simply stand out in a room and the larger the size the better they tend to look if done right. With large-sized canvas prints, one must be especially careful when trying to enlarge photos on to a canvas. The type of photo you are selecting has to be carefully thought out as not all images look great on a canvas print.

    canvaspop.com large canvas prints the experts work with you to pick a picture and suitable canvas type to bring out the most out of an image and help you decorate that two-story loft wall without costing a fortune. With tons of customizable options for sizes, shapes, artwork, frames, and canvases getting the wall art you want has never been easier.

    The best way to ensure that your design of a large canvas print is perfect and exactly the way you want is to hire the experts.


    Canvas Shapes, Sizes & Print Layouts

    The available space you have and the layout of your wall all play an important role when deciding what kind of canvas print layout to choose from. A single canvas print layout is a great choice when you want the image you have chosen to make an impact in the room both in terms of size and the art it represents. A multi-panel layout allows you to have multiple canvas print images that complement one another to create a more subtle feel and allure to any given space.

    Canvases also come in many shapes and sizes and if you don’t find a size that’s right for you Canvaspop offers customizable canvases to help you get the size you want. Canvases can be purchased in either square, rectangular, or hexagon shapes and vary in sizes from tiny to truly over-sized.

    FAQ’s About Canvas Prints

    Do you still have questions that are yet to be answered? Don’t fret! We are not done yet. Here is a list of common questions that will help you in your search for the right canvas print for your home or office.

    What would a large-sized canvas print cost?

    Large-sized canvas prints can cost upwards of $200 depending on the size, type of canvas, frame and shipping costs involved. Smaller-sized canvas prints can start for as low as $20 and can help you fill those gaping gaps in your wall with some truly imaginative artwork. For that two-story loft wall or office reception area, it is best to consult with the experts and get a quote or estimate. Depending on what you want pricing can vary substantially.

    What are the common sizes available for canvas prints?

    Canvas prints come in many sizes with mini-sized ones starting at 4×4 and going all the way up to a 5×7. Medium-sized canvas prints range from 8×10 to 14×16 in terms of height and width. Large-sized canvas prints start at 20×20 and can go up to an over-sized 36×36 to truly make a statement.

    What are some of the popular designs to choose from?

    Canvas prints can have many designs depending on your taste, preference or current room decor. When it comes to design you can let your imagination run wild as a canvas print work great for modern designs, family photos, abstracts, inspirational quotes, landscapes, maps and pretty much anything else you can think of. 

    What is the best way to hang a canvas print?

    Canvas prints can be purchased either framed or unframed depending on what you want. It is easy enough to hang a canvas print and there are several ways you can do this. You can either put a nail in the wall, install a sawtooth bracket, attach an eye hook or J-hook or simply use some adhesive strips to hang a canvas print framed or unframed on your wall.

    Do canvas prints fade over time?

    The best canvas images are printed using fade-resistant inks that help prevent fading over-time. However, they are other measures you can take to further preserve your canvas prints for as long as possible. UV resistant canvas prints last a lot longer than not UV resistant canvas prints. You can also prevent fading over time by placing the canvas print in an area that does not get direct sunlight or even behind a protective glass frame.