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  • How to Navigate the Intersection of Marketing and Major Events

    Published on May 14, 2024

      By Anubhav Pandey, Chief Strategy Officer, Consortium Gifts

    Ever notice how during the IPL season, your social media blows up with deals? Cricket bat discounts, free team jerseys, food deliveries promising the perfect “match-day feast” – it’s marketing madness!

    A recent study by a big business group in India (CII) found that over 70% of businesses here use exciting events like the IPL to sell more. So, whether you’re a marketing pro or a student with a great idea, this can be a goldmine! But with so much competition, how do you make your business stand out? Don’t worry, this article is your ultimate guide to creating marketing campaigns that shine as bright as those big events themselves!

    •            Harness the Power of Festivals: Big Indian holidays like Diwali and Holi are a goldmine for marketers. Tap into the excitement and traditions of these celebrations with your marketing campaigns. This creates a real connection with your audience and shows you’re part of the lively Indian cultural scene.

    •            The Cricket Craze: Indians love cricket! Jump on this bandwagon by tailoring your marketing to match the excitement. Run special offers, create fun social media contests, and generally show you’re part of the cricket craze. Fans will love that you’re in the game, and it’ll boost engagement and loyalty.

    •            Digital Domination: When promoting your event online, make sure your information is easy to find in Hindi, Tamil, and other regional languages. This way, when people search for events online, they’ll discover yours! It helps your event reach the right people in India and boosts its online presence.

    •            Mobile-First Marketing: Create short, eye-catching content like event teasers or quick peeks behind the scenes specifically made for sharing on WhatsApp. This mobile-focused strategy is a powerful way to spread the word about your event using India’s strong social connections.

    •            Budget-Conscious Creativity: Team up with local artisans to create beautiful center-pieces for your event, or use recycled materials for one-of-a-kind backdrops and decorations. This adds a touch of Indian culture, saves you money, and creates a truly unique and memorable event experience for everyone!

    •            Data is King: Combine information from your event (like registrations and attendance) with what people do online (website visits and social media activity). This “phygital” data helps you understand how people experience your event.

    •            Collaboration is Key: Partner with local event planners, cultural centers, or even NGOs in India. This win-win lets you tap into their existing connections, makes your event feel more authentic, and builds stronger bonds with the local audience who you want to reach.

    •            Building Brand Loyalty: Partner with social media influencers based in key Indian cities to spread the word about your event. These local “stars” have strong connections with their communities, which can build trust and encourage people to attend your event.

    •            Measuring Success Beyond Sales: After your event, see what people are saying about it online, especially in Hindi, Tamil, and other regional languages. This tells you how well your marketing connected with the different audiences in India!


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