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  • Thursday, July, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:40:27
  • Camping can be a rewarding and gratifying experience with friends and family alike. Even the option of being solo is very enticing for some people. Time in nature will relax you, give you time to reflect, and fill your batteries for the busy city life. We guarantee that there are no similar feelings as waking up with the sunrise surrounded by the sounds of nature!

    Without a doubt, you need to be ready, and in this short article, we will go through some steps on how to prepare in the right way and how to make sure that your camping trip will be enjoyable!

    First of all, you need to decide with whom you will go and you to asses they are an excellent camping buddy. You don’t want someone who will make the weekend hard or who will get bored quickly. You want your camping buddies to be proactive and fun!

    After deciding with whom, you need to figure out how long you will be staying, and also, you need to plan what gear you will need. We suggest that you browse and read camping gear reviews if you plan on getting camping equipment, or just to be sure that you have everything!

    Packing enough food and planning is a crucial step that you need to take. You need to avoid food that will spoil quickly, and that can make you sick if it goes bad. We suggest getting camping, lunch packs, and canned food and snacks! Trail mixes, maybe some fruit, crackers, and, most important, bring a lot of drinking water. Water will not only be needed for drinking, but you need water for washing, rinsing, coffee making, etc. Bring a lot!

    A checklist is essential in this case, and be sure that you check it twice before leaving! Still, do not over pack if you plan on hiking to your destination. This won’t be too much of an issue if you plan on having your car or RV nearby, but still.

    Check the weather, and be sure that you are ready in any situation! Be it cold or warm; you need to make sure that you have a suitable sleeping bag. Be sure to have a tarp or something in between you and the ground. Extra warm socks and extra clothes to layer up in those cold nights are essential. Oh, and you need a pillow, don’t forget that you need to be comfortable! If you have the option of bringing a comfy chair or a hammock that can really enhance the whole trip!

    A pocket knife or a multi-tool is crucial! Know that these can get lost, or they can break, so be sure to have a spare around.

    First aid kits are a must! Antiseptic wipes if you get a cut, adhesive plasters maybe even some ibuprofen or pain killers! You need to be prepared. Even tweezers, if you get a splinter, can be super useful.

    Toilet paper and soap are essential! Wet wipes and hand sanitizers are essential items.

    Lamps or lanterns when the night comes are convenient! Extra batteries and backup plans, if other light options fail, are also a must. Matches and lighters if you plan on having a fire!

    It should be noted that this is just a short overview of all the things that you need to prepare! Like said, go through your checklist twice and be prepared for anything!