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  •  Turnstile Gates play an important role in enhancing security of mass-transit systems. These turnstiles help to control the commuters flow while ensuring their tickets are validated in the mass transit systems like Metro Rails and  various other modes of transport systems and corporate office spaces. These gates are designed to work seamlessly in various application scenarios. They are an effective yet very unobtrusive access control system. These systems are helpful to restrict the ticketless travelers or unauthorized visitors out of the mass transit zone or corporate office arenas. Turnstile Gates are smart security systems used for effective crowd management in various scenarios. These systems ensure security and crowd management at the entrance in areas such as metro railway platforms, airport and seaport passenger terminals, etc.

    These Turnstile Gates are specially designed for pedestrian entrance control. They open only for the person registed for authorized access. The rotating arm of the Turnstile Gate allows one person at a time to pass by. This way Turnstile Gates prevent unauthorized access while eliminating the threat of stampede in case of an unruly crowd. The Access Control Turnstile Gates enable the crowd management seamlessly to bolster security.

    Entrance Control Trends

    The trends impacting entrance control can best be described as in flux – with changing architectures, changing customer expectations and demands, and changing security integrator roles. These trends include following trends that are sweeping across the verticals.

    •            The rising demand for touch-free access solutions has spurred the advancement of AI-based facial recognition technology, which is increasingly being integrated into entrance control systems such as swing gate barriers equipped with facial recognition terminals.Attribute-based access control (ABAC) based Entrance Control Solutions may continue to hold a dominant share (approx. 70%)

    •            Biometric applications will continue to be used in entrance control with all possible health and safety measures.

    •            Mobile credentials are now being used in entrance control systems instead of proximity cards or key fobs. The smartphone uses Bluetooth communication to the door readers.

        Critical Issues

    In the fast changing corporate, business and industrial applications the critical issues faced by the end-users of entrance control solutions (Turnstile Gate) are following: outdated technology and software issues, service and maintenance changing entry requirements, unforeseen risks with new technology upgrades, poor user experience, intentional breaches, tailgating and violation social distancing guidelines, etc. The security industry players of this product segment need to take proactive steps to address the critical issues related to entrance control solutions. Only by resolving the end-user’s key issues the security industry can ensure its own future.

      Latest Technologies

    The Turnstile Gates are getting popular in the transportation, entertainment and corporate sectors as a great enablers of security and crowd management, it also helps to regulate the crowd flow in a phased manner. Hikvision offers seamless integration of Turnstile Gates with its latest Face Recognition Terminals. With the advent of Face Recognition Terminals and AI based applications Turnstile and Swing Barrier Gates are becoming intelligent. Hikvision’s Face Recognition Terminals support 1:1 or 1: N matching modes, authentication via Mifare cards, and TCP/IP or RS-485 connectivity.

    Three models that are available in the Face Recognition Product category offer flexibility, diverse applications and scenarios:DS-K1T604MF & DS-K1T606MF (Wall-Mounted Face Recognition Terminal), DS-K1T605MF (Base- or Wall-Mounted Face Recognition Terminal), DS-K5603-Z (Face Recognition Component for Access Turnstile ).

    The Turnstile Gates are becoming smart with AI enabled Face Recognition Terminals and offering smarter solutions in the access control domain with enhanced security and efficiency.


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