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  • Wednesday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:56:38
  • Socrates once advised humankind that change is inevitable and it would help to prepare for it. If you thought this was a farfetched statement, by now, you know you guessed wrong! The global health crisis that started in 2020 forced humans to make dramatic changes to their day-to-day operations. One of the things that have been changed forever is how we shop. 

    Many businesses had to accelerate their digital strategies so as to stay afloat. On the other hand, consumers had to learn to shop online as human movement was limited. Business experts have argued that some of the changes that occurred during the pandemic will not go away as many thought. 

    For instance, consumers picked certain shopping traits during the pandemic that will carry on post the pandemic. Some notable traits include: 

    Shift to Online Platforms Is Here To Stay

    One of the most significant effects of the pandemic is the acceleration of digital platforms. Many retailers were forced to go digital to circumvent the health protocols. Additionally, this meant that the businesses had to make significant investments in IT infrastructure. 

    When the pandemic dust settles, there is no way these companies will ditch their massive IT investments and go back to their former ways. It is going to be business unusual! Consumers should get used to purchasing everything online, especially those that are not traditionally bought online. 

    Apart from that, you will not be limited to certain regions only when shopping. You can now get access to many retailers who have extended their target markets to international audiences. Such platforms have made it easy for Black Friday to become global. For instance, you can buy an item during the Black Friday promotion and get it delivered to your doorstep.  

    Studies have revealed that many consumers said they would continue shopping online even after the pandemic. Moreover, they are exposed to more products and services through digital platforms like social media. 

    The End of Hands-On Shopping Experience

    In the pre-pandemic era, a big part of your shopping experience entailed hands-on experience. For example, you would spend your afternoon in the fitting room or eat samples at the grocery store. 

    However, the post-pandemic era shoppers prefer retailers that make it effortless for them to avoid shared surfaces. Moreover, they are looking for outlets that limit their interactions with other clients and store employees.  

    As a result, the stores have invested in contactless checkout points. For instance, grocery stores have developed mobile apps that allow their clients to scan items and tally up orders. This shopping style will continue even past the pandemic as consumers’ awareness of health and hygiene has increased. 

    Casual Clothes Are On Demand

    Gone are the days when one had to wear official suits and head to the office. Instead, there is a new trend referred to as “Zoom dressing” gaining traction. For instance, a leading eCommerce platform noted that their tops’ sales were increased while that for bottoms decreased. This is because many people only care about how they look from the waist up on video calls. 

    This new trend has given birth to the latest fashion trends, such as “Work-from-home wadrobe.” Another common term used for this new fashion trend is “Zoom-ready styles.” This trend might continue into the foreseeable future as many people continue to work from home. 

    Brand Loyalty Is On the Decline

    Now that consumers are shopping from the comfort of their sofas, brand loyalty is said to be on the decline. For instance, recent studies revealed that up to 75% of consumers in the US claimed they had tried a new product. Additionally, this trend is fueled by the fact that famous brands are usually out of stock because supply chains are strained. 

    Nevertheless, 73% of the consumers that tried a different brand claimed they would continue seeking out new brands in the future. Based on this data, it is correct to say that brand loyalty will not be a big deal going into the future. Moreover, with more options available in different online stores, you are likely not to use one product for long before being tempted to try another. 

    Final Thoughts

    When the global pandemic hit the globe, no one knew what the other side of it looked like. However, more than 15 months later, it is clear that the world has taken a specific direction, especially in matters of buying and selling goods and services. 

    According to expert opinion, some of the consumer behaviors picked during the pandemic will continue even after the pandemic. This is because they have already tested the benefits and wouldn’t want to lose them. 

    Additionally, businesses have invested heavily to enhance their digital platforms. Therefore, it will please them to hear that their consumers want to keep using the digital channels. Even as Black Friday approaches, experts expect that the sales will be unbelievable this year. So, what new shopping trait did you pick? 


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