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  • How Will The Education Industry Look Like In The Future?

    Published on December 2, 2020

    The last one year has been quite dramatic for all the industries and the education industry has also seen the impact of COVID 2019 in different ways, one question that was in the mind of every individual, be it parent, student, the teacher is how will the education industry look like in future? And I think in the last seven to eight months people have been able to get answers to this question, here are my thoughts and analysis about the future of education industry.

    1.     The online curve: When the lockdown was announced, online emerged as one of the most important solutions and a lot of people looked at it as a permanent solution or alternative to school education and online education companies were successfully able to create that kind of image in the minds of the consumers, however, as things unfolded and evolved all the stakeholders started realizing that online is a very good supplementary education option and it can never be a permanent replacement to the physical infrastructure-based education, because education also involves peer learning, observation, questioning, and most importantly human interaction and we can’t replace these elements from a learners life, so in the future also online education will continue to grow multiple folds but the space that it will capture is pretty much clear, it has proved to be the best way to get supplementary education.

    2.     A big breakthrough about the Role of the parents: It’s quite clear that education of the child is a shared responsibility between, education institutions and parents, in the pre covid era we used to observe that there are a very limited set of parents who were able to contribute to the child’s education, simply because of the paucity of time however COVID 2019, provided an opportunity to the parents to spend more time with their kids some of the parents also took out time to even accompany their wards in the classes, this gave them an opportunity to observe the education of the current era, efforts that teachers put and appreciate what it takes to educate a child. We also observed a higher level of participation in various online parent-teacher meets. So the role of parents has evolved in this era and I think it would continue to be the same or evolve more in the future. This is a big breakthrough that will have huge impact in the future.

    3.     Focus on quality: The causes created by covid in the education sector will result in some very positive effects from the point of view of education, generally adoption to any new model or the methodology takes a lot of time and a lot of change management experts have written about it and proved it time and again that managing and leading change specially transitions into something that is unique and not done before takes years and then another phase is required to bring quality and sustaining it, but covid brought sudden changes in the overall environment, which in education sector means technology, method of delivery, preparation of lesson plans, reviewing and monitoring methods, methods of teachers training, administration and many more such activities suddenly moved online and in all these activities human beings were involved and today the biggest challenge is “short attention span” the biggest challenge was to do everything like earlier with a constraint of short attention span, the only way to deal with this constraint was to increase the quality of work and that has happened or at least there was a sincere effort to improve the quality of work. This is a major change that will have a positive impact on future activities, once education institutions reopen the expectation will be higher and the only way to deal with the situation would be “Focus on quality”

    Ritesh Rawal, Founder, Dudes & Dolls The Cosmic School, Adhyay School, and Ritesh Rawal Foundation.