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  • HRDS INDIA launched Karshaka project at Attappady

    Published on July 23, 2019


    Attappady: Manifestly, tribal in our country are wrapped with unbounded difficulties. One such specimen of a miserable and dreary lifestyle of tribes can be found in a small region of Attappady, Kerala. These tribes belong to a dejected sect where plight of women and children have been exploited and disgraced. Out of sorts, their downtrodden conditions give rise to distinctive and sometimes irreconcilable issues. For instance, alcoholism and usage of tobacco have touched hike. Women and children are amenably condemned and subjugated. As a consequence of this patriarchal edifice, maternal and infant mortality rates have also been inflated. In fact, most women are unable to monitor their hygiene, lacking menstrual period, having unplanned pregnancy, becoming unwed mothers etc. Further, social exclusion and rampant discrimination accentuate the number of school dropouts every year. Subsequently, illiteracy and unemployment are other stumbling blocks that breed poverty. And it is this formation of a desolate and destitute group that generates a sterile youth, hindering any kind of progress in the society.

    Keeping humanitarian aesthetics in mind, HRDS INDIA has launched ‘Karshaka’ project whereby unused tribal lands would be utilized to cultivate medicinal plants on an extensive scale. Through successful implementation of Karshaka project, HRDS INDIA foresees economic sustainability and livelihood of the tribal people.Tribes who have land possessions and lack financial support for cultivation would be benefitted from this project through our endorses. The Project  Inaugurated by HRDS INDIA President, former Union Minister Dr. S. Krishnakumar IAS (Retd) at Attappady, the project aims to bring such deprived tribes into the mainstream and ensure their sustainable livelihood and development in the society.The Medicinal Plants Cultivation Project was initiated with the understanding between HRDS INDIA Agricultural Development Forum and the leading Ayurvedic firms like Patanjali, dabur and Himalaya for their raw material requirements in India. The profit from the said venture would be shared in a ratio of 60:40, 60% of the profit would be shared with the farmers through their bank accounts and the remaining 40% for further development including replanting.

    Myriad other projects have also been launched which would prove instrumental for the advancement of their living standards.  Within the purview of his ideas, Dr. S. Krishnakumar stated, “the project is a viably fit option as it is highly economical and would thus, foster self-reliance, strengthening the dignity and honor of tribal communities at an optimum level.” He also envisaged that the ‘Key Handing Over’ Ceremony of houses which built under HRDS INDIA’s ‘Sadhgraha Tribal Housing Project’ would also be conducted in conjunction with the Onam fest. This housing project is providing secured and hygienic living condition for tribes in miseries.Niramaya project is yet another recreational pursuit that is rooted in the traditional IndianMedicine Research. Its affordability and cost effectiveness make it a preferable choice as compared to the usual practice of prescription-based medicine consumption.  “An aggressive gale of pain could successfully be removed by replacing apprehensions with benevolence and charity”, opines Mr. Aji Krishnan, Secretary, HRDS INDIA. These welfare projects would not only bring a noticeable change in the level of affluence, but also the project would certainly prove to be revolutionary for the tribes in consideration.



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    • Shypu P says:

      The works that HRDS INDIA undertake is really commendable and i wish you All the best for your upcoming projects. I hope some day i could join HRDS INDIA in their Humanitarian Efforts.

    • ARUN says:

      One of the very good organization working towards the holistic well being of Tribal Communities all over India. I think APN News can publish more news regarding their projects in various states of India. All the very best team HRDS INDIA for your future endevours for the upliftment of community people, especially the tribal communities.

    • Arya P says:

      HRDS INDIA undertakes good efforts for the tribal people. I wish all the success for the HRDS INDIA.

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