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  • Hrithik Roshan shares his fitness secrets at an exclusive event at cult.fit

    Published on July 22, 2019

    Mumbai : Hrithik Roshan sharing his fitness secrets at an exclusive event at cult.fit Juhu in Mumbai.Start your fitness journey at Cult.fit

    Cult.fit brings about gym, yoga, running, zumba, power workouts, Boxing and much more. If you’re looking for a gym near you that offers more than just traditional machines to exercise with, choose to workout at Cult.fit. A fitness studio that gives you an opportunity to learn new fitness formats and reach your fitness goals, all while having fun. Each workout session defines a perfect structure, which involves a warmup, a balanced full body workout and a cool down, to ensure you get fit the right way.

    At Cult, the group workout formats are a great source of motivation.It helps you build camaraderie between you and the other participants while also breaking the workout plateaus. And that’s not all, training in a group can ensure a higher endorphin output and even improve performance.
    If somebody want to get in shape but lifting weights or running on a treadmill doesn’t excite them, try Zumba or Dance fitness at Cult. it is a fun way to help them burn calories while they have fun. Also there are the Prowl classes, a combination of dance, combat and functional fitness done to foot-tapping music designed to give one a full-body workout.
    Improve strength and agility with functional training
    Fill your day with energy and perform at your peak with functional training at Cult. With group classes like Strength and Conditioning and HRX, you will improve your overall body flexibility, core strength and stamina and you’ll find that reaching your fitness goal will be easier than ever.

    If the world is your playground, then cult. fit has got some indoor & outdoor sports to help one stay fit. Whether you’re looking to develop a new skill or improve your technique, with Football, Boxing and Sports Conditioning, Cult.fit gives you that opportunity. Learn the skills and master it with our trainers at Cult.