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  • Hyatt Place Hyderabad, brings back the days of yore of Nizam era food through ‘MASNAD-PE-DAWAT’!

    Published on March 17, 2022

    Hyatt Place Hyderabad, Banjara Hills; is hosting an authentic Nizami Food Festival ‘MASNAD-PE-DAWAT’ from March 16th to 31st, 2022. Guests of honour Mr Andrew Fleming, British Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad and Shri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Principal Secretary – l & C & IT, Govt. of Telangana; graced the Festival; today. Ms Dilnaz Baig, connoisseur of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine and Mr Gaurav, Executive Chef, Hyatt Place; were present on the occasion. A soulful and melodious qawwali was presented on the occasion

    The cuisine for the food festival was specially curated by Mr Gaurav and Ms Dilnaz Baig, who comes with a culinary wisdom of Nizam era. Foodies could experience the authentic flavours of Hyderabadi cuisine straight from the recipes of the Nizams. The lavish spread includes mouth-watering biryanis, delicious Haleem, luscious kebabs and decadent Qubani-ka-meetha. The royal Nizami fare is nothing short of sheer indulgence!

    “The authenticity and originality of certain classic dishes have been lost in the process of curating fusion and modern-day cuisine. MASNAD-PE-DAWAT brings back the days of yore of Nizam era to leave food connoisseurs lapping up for more”, says, Mr Gaurav. Authentic food has its space and people wanting such food have places to look for. Indian food has adopted itself to people’s palates. This festival offers traditional Hyderabadi home food to all the lovers of such food.

    “We want to revive the authenticity of Hyderabadi cuisine and want all of our guests to time travel back to the era of the Nizams and get a taste of the royals!”, says Mr Animesh Barat, General Manager – Hyatt Place Hyderabad

    Ms. Baig is known for her home-dining experience, Dastarkhwan-e-Naz which she hosts at her beautiful home in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and serves traditional home-cooked delicacies in old-style chowki seating. She is extremely passionate about cooking and believes in retaining the true authenticity of flavors. Ms. Baig ensures all her delicacies are prepared with the finest of ingredients that are sourced from various cities and places.

    The long-lost authentic Hyderabadi cuisines will be available on a platter for all the gastronomes longing to relish lip-smacking Nizami food at the MASNAD-PE-DAWAT, says Ms Dilnaz Baig. I have passion for people and the best way to get people to come home, is by feeding them. I stick to the traditional cooking ways. Every home has a unique touch and way to cook food. Hyderabadi food has evolved from the Golconda period. For me no cuisine is as good as Hyderbadi cuisine.  


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