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  • Hyderabad Runners 10th Anniversary Celebrations

    Published on May 28, 2017

    Hyderabad : Celebrating the 10th year of Hyderabad Runners on Sunday 28th May, about 350 runners, dressed in the trademark yellow shirt of Hyderabad Runners, enthusiastically ran a 10k titled “Accolade to the Decade”. The run started at Dr. Cars, Near IMAX circle Necklace road and saw runners go all the Hyderabad-Runnersway to Sanjeevaiah Park and back. The event brought in a generous donation of Rs 69750/- that will go towards funding underprivileged young runners for upcoming Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2017.

    Hyderabad Runners is a respected and well-known runners group in Hyderabad. A small group of runners who got together for the love of running in 2007 has morphed into a 4000 and counting society! To the uninitiated, Hyderabad Runners is the mastermind behind making running savvy and introducing Hyderabad to the art of running marathons and embracing an active life-style. The fact that the official city marathon has earned the moniker of ‘India’s toughest city marathon’ and is on the ‘must-run’ list of every endurance runner, is a testament to Hyderabad Runners’ efforts and dedication in trying to make running a community-centric activity.

    “Being a part of HR is like having a family away from home. There is a closeness among everybody on the team that makes every run delightful. As they say group runs are the cheapest and best therapies. HR proves this quite well. Hope they celebrate many, many more decades of running and grow as a team motivating more people to have an active lifestyle.” Says Neha Singh, a runner & mentor for the KBR Running team.

    “Running gives, me immense pleasure, there’s no feeling like it. I think HR is doing an excellent job promoting healthy lifestyle in the community.” Says Jagadish Reddy a runner, who’s training for his second half marathon at AHM.

    Hyderabad Runners also took this occasion to unveil the official HR t-shirt, commemorating 10 years of its existence. In addition, an initiative called Charities @ Hyderabad Marathon was launched. The idea behind it is to make charities an intrinsic part of marathon running and encourage runners to run not just for personal satisfaction but for a social cause as well. ‘I have been volunteering for several charitable organisations apart from running or much before I started running. Then I thought, why not combine these two? We anyway run, why not do it for a cause so that we as Hyderabad Runners benefit, get a good heart of giving back to the society. Involving charity organisations in marathon events will get them good visibility, and help us aid their good causes. Being a part of the charities team is like winning the race already.” said Giri Kolanupaka, head of Charities @ Hyderabad Marathon team, when asked about charities and marathons.

    Some speeches by the committee members, cake-cutting, several photo-sessions, and breakfast-hogging later, runners dispersed on their usual runners high, with a sense of anticipation for the next major run – The Hyderabad Heritage Run.