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  • HyperXchange Launches Drone-based doorstep Delivery in Refurbishing Industry

    Published on February 21, 2019

    New Delhi : HyperXchange is again in news for introducing revolutionary methods in the refurbished electronics market space. One of India’s leading premium refurbished brands is all set to form its drone-based delivery network, in partnership with AeroNext, and is already in its testing process.  The testing process is happening in Kolkata and the drone-based doorstep delivery of mobile phones will be provided in cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune , Bangalore etc near HyperXchange’s warehouses.


    Dipanjan Purkayastha, CEO at HyperXchange, said they have partnered with AeroNext, manufacturer of high quality and super-loaded drones in order to reduce product delivery time by 75%. 

    Drones will be the future of intracity and intercity medium for logistics and transport.

    In the intracity segment the delivery guys will collect the couriers(Be it Amazon or Swiggy) from a drone station nearbuy the locality, therebuy saving time and labour; Also intracity Drone-Transport has already started at dubai as Uber-Air where the rooftop of highrises are transformed into helipads.

    In the Inter-City scenario the green channel for emergency organ transplant will be overtaken by drones because there is no congestion in Air!


    AeroNext was founded in 2018 by a group of drone enthusiasts and professionals. The company specializes in an array of subjects such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Drone, Internet of Things, Fixed Wing, and Aerial Robotics.


    “We are currently evaluating the pros and cons of bringing this new age technology. The drone-based delivery pilot is meant to be an initial foray towards building an automated last-mile order delivery process – right till the customer’s doorstep ”HyperXchange Co-Founder and CEO, Mr. Dipanjan Purkayastha said in an interview.


    “We believe robot-led logistics is the future that consumer-focused companies like us should be investing in. hyperXchange has already built Artificial Intelligence into the core backbone of our tech infrastructure for product pricing, quality assurance, inventory management and consumer experience management. Robot-led logistics enabled by AI is the logical next step”, HyperXchange Co-Founder and CFO, Mr. Dwijadas Chatterjee said.


    Series of public surveys by HyperXchange seems to show significant curiosity and interest in drone-based deliveries, especially with consumers becoming aware of similar pilots running in the US and elsewhere.


    “Partnering with AeroNext helps us leapfrog the tech and regulatory hurdles while bringing an unique experience to the customer” said Mr. Asish Chakraborty, Co-Founder and CTO, HyperXchange.


    Drone-based delivery hasn’t been a very smooth process so far, even for established players in the logistics/retail space. Amazon had promised large-scale drone-based delivery by 2018, but, unfortunately, had not been able to meet the deadlines. Upon asking about his views on the same, Dipanjan Purkayastha said, “First, HyperXchange is taking baby steps in the direction with an initial pilot that covers local deliveries near its delivery hubs. Second, HyperXchange’s partnership with AeroNext ensures proven execution using payload-carrying drones. Third, we are educating our customers about how to expect deliveries to work for them.”


    It was only after the release of first Drone Policy in India, guidelines were laid down to help companies effectively use this futuristic technology. Now Drone Policy 2.0 has allowed operations to be expanded beyond VLOS and the current limit of 200 feet. The draft Drone Policy 2.0 also proposes highlighting a maximum life cycle for every drone type and users must apply for re-certification at the time of drone’s life cycle expiration. This will help manage and regulate the industry, while helping it provide a roadmap for innovation-led growth.


    HyperXchange is all set to explore this nascent space and invest in building new-age technology and processes around it.