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  • Wednesday, November, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:32:39
  • Hyundai Announces Moniker for All-New ‘Connected Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)’: Hyundai VENUE

    Published on March 27, 2019

    Mumbai : Hyundai today announced the name of its All-New Connected SUV: Hyundai VENUE. The new SUV name references a ‘place’ where people want to be seen, or in this case, inside the vehicle. The VENUE symbolizes a 3rd SPACE which is trendy, unique, stylish and perfect for Hyundai’s newest connected SUV. Hyundai VENUE will create quality time and ease of life in the 3rd Life Space of customers by always being connected while they are on the go.

    Hyundai’s naming theme for SUVs has typically been a city or place. VENUE embodies the characteristics of ‘the place to be – THE 3rd SPACE’, en route to the final destination, wherever that may be.