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  • I struggled to communicate at my workplace. An online training helped me improve my skills.

    Published on July 9, 2018

    About the Author: Chirag Kothari from Institute of Company Secretaries of India shares how an online training helped him gain essential workplace communication skills.


    I am a company secretary by profession and currently pursuing the management training. My daily work responsibilities include liaising with authorities, drafting reports, filing e-forms, assisting my senior in proposing different plans to banks, and compiling the ever-changing laws and rules in an efficient manner. These tasks require excellent verbal communication skills, so I was in dire need of a course that could help me improve my written and oral communication.


    I came across Internshala quite unexpectedly. I received an email from Freecharge regarding a discount coupon on Internshala Trainings. I immediately visited the site and there it was – Business Communication Skills – an online training that aimed at improving one’s workplace communication skills. I browsed its contents and found it quite impressive. Without any further delay, I enrolled myself in the training. Since it was a virtual training, it didn’t interfere with my job.


    The training began and it was much more engaging than I had expected. It taught me the basics of communication along with the techniques to write effectively and give impactful presentations. The training improved my speaking skills by teaching me how to pronounce various words correctly and how to talk fluently. It addressed the major communication barriers and helped me overcome them one by one. Along with the 7 Cs of effective communication, I learnt how to write in an engaging manner. This helped me frame my emails and reports in a finer manner. While pursuing the training, I figured out that the reason I was unable to give impactful presentations was my casual body posture. The training taught me how to use body language effectively. I practiced the techniques daily and could see an improvement in my day-to-day office activities. Apart from this, I learnt the interview essentials, the art of resume writing, and the nuances of participating in a group discussion. The content of the training was simple, easy to comprehend, and extremely interactive. The slides were short which eliminated the possibility of getting bored. I had to solve assignments and take tests after every module so as to evaluate the progress I had made so far.


    I had figured out everything that needed improvement and worked on those things throughout the training. As my training came to an end, I could sense a streak of confidence building in me. Thanks to Internshala, I can now articulate my thoughts to my colleagues and give impactful presentations. As taught in the training, I recorded my presentations and tried to overcome my weaknesses one at a time. I participate actively in the discussions held in my office on any new legal provisions, and my colleagues are more interested in hearing out my opinions. Oh, and did I tell you that I receive constant appreciation for my work now!


    Courtesy: Internshala – an internship and training platform (internshala.com)