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  • ICPA Health Products Ltd Launches Premium Electric Water Flosser – Plakoff

    Published on November 20, 2023

    Mumbai: ICPA Health Products Ltd, India’s leading Pharma Company in the oral healthcare segment has launched a premium electric water flosser – Plakoff. A handheld oral care device, Plakoff streams a jet of water to clean the area between teeth and gums. The company plans to come out with an array of premium products targeted towards the bourgeois that is conscious about dental aesthetics and health. With its existing bouquet of products in the segment including, the regular floss, interdental floss, interdental toothbrushes, among others; the company enjoys a 14 per cent share in the segment. Valued roughly around Rs.200 Cr, ICPA aims to capture at least 20 per cent of the interdental products segment over the next five years. The Indian water flosser market alone is expected to touch Rs.70 Cr in the coming years.

    “The demand for quality products in the interdental segment has surged over the past decade. Our latest offering, Plakoff, is an extension to ICPA’s array of products in the segment. The water flosser is an advanced dental care solution designed for everyday use in middle-class households. We will continue to expand our range to comprehensively cover all such products that emphasize on hygiene and aesthetics,” says Ms Abha Damani, Director, ICPA.

    ICPA commands a significant 14 per cent market share of the INR 1,050 Cr prescription-based Indian dental market and boasts an extensive franchise network, covering approximately 70 per cent of India’s dental surgeons. The company’s future plans include the launch of electric toothbrushes and teeth aligners. Priced at Rs.4250/- per unit, Plakoff will initially be made available only through its network of dental clinics across the country.

    “As a specialized oral healthcare company, our products have traditionally catered to dental treatments by professionals. However, we are now looking to venture beyond to explore the potential markets for our consumer side of things. ICPA currently has a 14 per cent market share of INR 200 Cr Indian interdental products segment and is fortifying its portfolio to increase our share by 20 per cent. Our vision for the next decade is market consolidation and broader outreach, to solidify ICPA’s position as a global leader in the oral health segment,” adds Ms Damani.

    With five decades of legacy, ICPA currently ranks among India’s top 100 pharmaceutical companies and stands as the country’s second-largest entity in the oral healthcare sector. ICPA’s portfolio spans over fifty-six products across dental, dermatology, haemorrhoids, ENT and FMCG segments. The company is also the pioneer in manufacturing products catering to the geriatric segment in oral care.

    “India currently hosts 54,691 dental clinics, a number that is expected to rise owing to increased awareness about dental health. With growing disposable incomes, the perception of dental care is shifting from secondary to primary needs. ICPA is committed to aligning its business with this evolving attitude, ensuring that our products adapt and serve the changing landscape of dental health,” concludes Ms Damani.


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