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IELTSMaterial.com GIS Reviews – Best and trusted Immigration Consultancy

For various reasons, Canada is frequently regarded as one of the top countries in the world that has a high standard of living. Many individuals prefer to migrate to Canada because of the country’s lively cities and greater pay benefits. Apart from that, Canada provides a fair share of benefits to permanent residents.

It is indeed true that many people aspire to settle in Canada. However, they feel baffled about the applicant process, which is why it is important to get assistance from someone knowledgeable, such as IELTSMaterial.com Global Immigration Services.

IELTSMaterial.com GIS – Who are they?

IELTSMaterial.com is one of the highest-rated platforms that provide students with personalized online courses to help them obtain a high band score in the IELTS exam. IELTSMaterial.com Global Immigration Services (GIS) is a reputable branch of this company. The reviews of the IELTSMaterial.com Global Immigration Services say that it is well recognized for Canada PR visa advice, Canada immigration procedure, and job search assistance. They have an outstanding track record since they have helped thousands of people process their Canada permanent residence.

IELTSMaterial.com GIS consultants understand the desire of their clients to settle in a country like Canada and how daunting the process of immigrantion can be. As a result, they offer immigration advice right from the moment of selecting the appropriate Express Entry program to the visa procurement.

What is IELTSMaterial.com GIS famously known for?

Error-free application process assistance

Complete transparency

IELTS band guarantee

Job assistance in Canada

Are you in search of an immigration consultancy that can help you walk through the entire process of Canadian immigration procedure and be available to you for all your immigration-related queries and doubts? In that case, IELTSMaterial.com GIS is the right place for you.

Brief overview

IELTSMaterial.com GIS provides an Express Entry visa and immigration services for Canada, such as Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trade Program, Canadian Experience Program, and Provincial Nominee Program through Express Entry.

Complete Canada PR application process assistance

IELTSMaterial.com GIS specialists evaluate the Express Entry application and documents of their clients for the immigration program they are interested in applying to in order to maximize their applicants’ chance of getting selected. They assist candidates in creating visa application profiles and guide them through the entire application procedure. Apart from that, they analyze their clients’ documents to see if they satisfy the Canada ECA format standards or not. It helps the consultant determine the CRS score of their applicants; they even suggest ways to improve it if applicants lack the minimum CRS requirement criteria. Along with that, they help their clients with documentation assistance, such as managing financial documents, police certificates, and medical clearance certificates.

IELTS Exam assistance

The language proficiency exam result is a major requirement for selection and can significantly improve applicants’ Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Candidates who perform well in the language exam have a greater probability of getting selected for immigration. IELTSMaterial.com GIS’s IELTS coaching incorporates qualified trainers who provide unique guidance to their candidates in order to help them get the maximum possible score in the IELTS exam. The self-paced video lectures offered by IELTSMaterial.com GIS as part of their service package include IELTS-related tips, vocabulary lessons, methods, and strategies for answering different types of questions in all four areas of the IELTS exam. A variety of practice exercises and mock tests are added to the course to assist you in improving your test-taking abilities. eBooks with actual exam questions and sample band 8 answers  help you compare your test performance.


The consultants at IELTSMaterial.com GIS ensure that candidates are well informed about the whole immigration procedure and the documentation requirements for various Express Entry visa applications. Moreover, they give a document checklist to their clients so that they acquire and arrange all the documents.

Job assistance

IELTSMaterial.com GIS also offers job aid to its candidates in order to enable them to find a secure job in Canada. Their specialists rewrite applicants’ resumes according to international standards and optimize their Linkedin profiles to assist them in getting a job in Canada as quickly as possible. They even advertise their applicants’ LinkedIn profiles so that they can get in touch with the hiring agency without difficulty.

Wrap up

If you’re still apprehensive and interested in learning more about their services and the types of service plans they provide, you can reach out to them directly through their website. You can get a free consultation by filling out the form on their website.

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