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    If 2020 was the starter, 2021 will be the main course for Online Dating; says QuackQuack

    Published on December 16, 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the rules for Online Dating in the country. With the enforced lockdown restrictions and social distancing norms in place, virtual dating has slowly become the new ‘Favorite’ among Indian singles.

    The effect can be very well witnessed across dating platforms as they experienced a vast surge in new user signups from all over the country. QuackQuack which is a dating app dedicated to Indian singles also saw a whopping 300% increase in signups from smaller cities & towns and that took their current user base to 11 million. The platform added the last million users in just 115 days and in the past one year they added around 3.40 million new users.

    “2020 has been the year when Virtual Dating was accepted by masses among the desi singles. We witnessed participation from people of all age groups & geographies. What’s pleasing to see was the huge growth in participation of users from small towns & cities and in the near future we are expecting the number to shoot up even further” says Mr. Ravi Mittal, Founder of QuackQuack on the growing culture of Online Dating in India.

    “With the COVID danger still hanging in the backdrop and social distancing norms still in place, we are expecting the coming year to continue to reap good results for Online Dating as users are much more comfortable in interacting virtually. If 2020 was the starter, 2021 will be the main course for daters!” – He further adds

    To analyze this growing trend of Online Dating, QuackQuack closely monitored 50,000 of their users for 3 months straight and they have come up with the dating trends that will be followed in the industry in the coming year. The facts are interesting and they state the acceptance & need for Online Dating in a diverse country like India.

    1.    Online Dating will continue to prosper in Tier 2 & 3 cities
    The months long isolation and social distancing has compelled the users from smaller cities to come online in search of their love interest. QuackQuack on-boarded 70% of their new users from such cities and the trend is expecting to grow further as more & more people start adopting the culture of Virtual Dating.

    2.    The era of commitment is back again!
    There has been a welcome surge in people who are looking for meaningful relationships. With more time in hand, users are willing to go that extra-mile in order to know their counterpart and are engaging with the profile of their interest for hours. QuackQuack revealed that the average time a user spends on their app is 11 minutes.

    3.    Average age of users is expected to drop
    The current average age of users on QuackQuack is 25 years, that has dropped from 29 just a few years back. The average age is expected to drop even further as more and more youngsters adopt the culture of Online Dating.

    4.    Women have started to embrace Online Dating
    QuackQuack witnessed a 12% increase in women signups during the lockdown. With the increasing acceptance of the online dating culture and with the continuity of social distancing norms more women are expected to get comfortable with online dating. QuackQuack also revealed that female usersopen the app 48 times a day while male userstend to use the app 24 times during the day. Women open the app twice as much as their male counterparts.

    5.    Dating apps are the new WhatsApp for couples
    The user chats on QuackQuack have increased from 350k to 500k per day, a clear sign of things to come with social distancing in place. They also witnessed a 25% surge in profile views this year. With low confidence in stepping out, we can expect people to spend more time on dating apps, browsing matches & interacting with their love interests.

    6.    Video Calling is the most preferred option for Indian Singles
    During the lockdown, video calling was one of the most used features by couples on dating platforms. This trend is only expected to grow as users are interacting with profiles that are quite far off from their current location and it gives them a sense of connectivity & closeness. QuackQuack is also coming up with a video calling feature on their app soon.