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  • IFIM Business School partners ESCP Europe to offer new-age courses

    Published on July 19, 2019

    Bengaluru : Bengaluru-based AACSB-accredited Business School, IFIM Business School, has announced a partnership with ESCP Europe to offer new-age courses that would meet the current and future demands of Industry 4.0. This would be done through master sessions, and online distance learning programme and an international seminar in Europe.


    This partnership shall offer opportunities for the students to pursue specialized courses in the areas of FinTech, MarTech, BlockChain, Machine Learning with ESCP Europe. Such immersions are expected to make the students of IFIM Business School globally-relevant ‘T’ shaped professionals, who are fully-trained to deliver efficient new-age solutions for the new-age economy.


    Further addressing this new alliance, Dr Atish Chattopadhyay, Director, IFIM Business School, said, “The partnership with ESCP Europe Business School will help GenZ transform their knowledge digitally and stay updated on the industry trends and practices in the near future. A Three pillar course, based on a master class in Bangalore, online distance learning and an international seminar in London will mentor the students on a global perspective.  Besides the bespoke course, students will build upon third party content, business case studies that are leveraged during their master programme to transform the students to be industry-ready. The super specialisation initiative towards digital transformation via ESCP Europe Business School, will nourish the ignited minds with proficiency and an hands-on-experience which will be the base of their growth.


    This manifestation will educate and assist the future of the industry from a global perspective which would work to provide students an international understanding of how the commerce industry functions. Giving a global exposure would help students switch from a traditional work environment to a digital work environment. Thus, it is important for management institutions to give students a hands-on-experience that has the ability to transform them to be industry-ready.”


    The first stage of this course will involve a master-class by ESCP Europe on digital transformation. It will be followed by an online distance module based on the methodology where it will give an insight into problem-solving and decision-making and alongside, a thematic study on cross-culture management. Lastly, it will involve a seminar at ESCP, London over a period of three weeks.


    This step aims at alerting students on industry practices through academic training. In today’s highly-competitive and technology-savvy corporate environment, it is important for future leaders to lead with the requisite experts.