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  • IHub-Data at IIIY Hyderabad launches courses on Mechanic Learning for Chemistry and Drug Design

    Published on March 3, 2022

    12-week certificate coursewith special emphasis on drug discovery

    Commences on 10 March 2022

    Hyderabad : With AI/ML revolutionizing the field of natural and applied sciences, there is an increasing need for professionals with knowledge of both AI/ML as well as applied sciences. IHub-Data in collaboration with IIIT-Hyderabad, is offering a 12 week course on “Machine Learning for Chemistry and Drug Design” with special emphasis on drug discovery. The course is slated to commence from 10 March 2022.

    Participation is open to students, researchers, professionals with background in sciences who wish to understand methods and applications of AI/ML in domains like Chemistry, Biology and Pharmaceutical Science. Students and professionals with background in Computer Science who wish to understand applications of AI/ML in other domains, would also find the course very stimulating.

    The course offers fundamental theoretical and practical concepts in AI/ML and their application for Drug Discovery. There would be a series of lectures covering topics in both Sciences and AI/ML to help build a strong theoretical foundation. There will also be accompanying hands-on tutorial sessions to help the participants pick-up practical problem-solving abilities.

    An understanding of mathematics at +2 level is deemed essential for participants. Knowledge of any programming language would be highly beneficial.

    Course outcomes include acquiring knowledge of modern machine learning and deep learning methods, understanding of important problems in drug discovery that AI can address, and acquiring hands-on experience on using various tools, libraries (such as Python, Pytorch, Scikit learn, Numpy and Pandas) towards building real-world solutions.

    This is a one of its kind, 12-week certificate program, offered in collaboration with IIITH faculty, with a strong emphasis on applications of AI/ML in drug discovery. Participants get to learn from India’s finest researchers and eminent faculty in CS and also from natural/applied sciences. A few internships/research opportunities would be offered for top performing Master’s, Ph.D students. There would also be an opportunity to collaborate with ML experts for improving project/thesis of participants.

    Participation fee for this 12-week course is Rs 7,500 for UG/Masters students, Rs 15,000 for Ph.D/Post Doc students and Rs 30,000 for industry professionals.


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