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  • IIIT-NR scores 4-Star rating in IIC ranking

    Published on December 3, 2021

    International Institute of Information Technology-Naya Raipur (IIIT-NR) received a four-star rating for 2020-21 froma nationwide ranking for higher education institutes named Institution Innovation Council (IIC). It is the second time after 2019-20 when the college scored 4-star from IIC.

    IIC is an initiative bythe ministry of education, and it was established in collaborationwith the All-India Council for Technical Education. It aims topromote and advance innovative practices amongst higher educational institutes in the country.

    IIIT-NR is a part of the central zone of IIC, which includes at least 33 institutes from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. IIIT-NR was one of  the10 institutes, out of 33 thatwere rated 4-star by IIC.

    To achieve the goal, IIIT-NR students worked hard, and the college managed to fulfil the scoring system of the IIC and followed the prescribed calendar issued by IIC.  To earn the ranking, IIIT-NR satisfied the three-type scoring system developed by the IIC. The college performed outstandingly in the third category of IIC scoring pattern that ‘Self-driven activities,’ and scored a good percentage which led the college to get a 4-star rating. Other activities which were performed by the college activities under IIC calendar activities were E-Submit. Big Bull, startups like Adivasi Radio, Campus adda, Hostel dhaba etc.

    Expressing happiness on the achievement, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sinha, Vice-Chancellor & Director IIIT-NR, said, “We are very proud that IIIT-NR has received a top rating by IIC. I congratulate the faculty members and students for their hard work and dedication and innovative ideas which lead the college to achieve the goal.”


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