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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:09:42
  • He is known for minimalism inspired by ancient Zen philosophy

    Japanese designs have influenced architecture and interiors worldwide. Japanese interior design is known for its minimalist approach and the use of natural materials. The color palettes are also inspired by nature with the use of more light and neutral colors. Ikuhiro Yamagata, the Japanese interior designer, who is also the new bellwether in the Interior design industry, is someone who endorses zen philosophy in designing the interiors. 

    Ikuhiro thinks that now creating modern spaces is all about elegance and minimalist designs. He is known to create wonderful and relaxed spaces. He says “I keep the client’s requirement at the center before developing the design. Maximum communication ensures clarity of their lifestyle, their interest, and their views about the desired outcome. Which is then passed to the designing team.”

    Decors in Japanese minimalist style include lacquer surfaces, bamboo panels, stone flooring, wood furniture that depicts traditional craftsmanship, natural fiber rugs, simple minimalist vases bringing Japanese aesthetics to home. Japanese-style bathrooms have freestanding bathtubs. Their finishing depends on the modern or traditional choice of the clients. For those who do not opt for freestanding bathtubs wood and stone in muted colors are used to recreate them. Here minimalist accessories are used.

    He says “ Designers do not create designs. They are always the mirror of the client’s choice, lifestyle, and preferences. Interior designer only brings in his ideas, experience, and brilliance to bring that image into real life. The better the communication is between the client and the designer, the finer the outcome.”

    Yamagata further informs “ Authentic Japanese spaces have deep respect for the natural world, this is the reason they opt for modest and honest materials like wood, stone, ceramic, cast iron objects, and concrete floors. Bright white walls and large windows for more natural light and uncluttered spaces to create a calm and relaxed environment.”

    “ People who approach us for modern-style homes largely look for advanced interiors mixed-style finish.” Says Yamagata. His experience in the industry helps him to understand client requirements faster. He believes in going to every minute detail as much as possible.

    Spaces designed by Yamagata define his knowledge and respect for Japanese philosophy and culture. He is someone who takes pride in creating Japanese design influenced by Zen philosophy and wants to take it to every part of the world. Spaces designed by him are being appreciated a lot and setting the trends everywhere he goes.