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  • Tuesday, December, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:54:32
  • Karzan is a fan of simple living. He is always grateful to his fans for helping him to reach where he is today. Once he said I’m no one different, I’m just like the boy who lives next door. He is so down to earth kind of a person. He inspires a lot of people to achieve their goals.

    He is an influencer,video creator and editor, content creator, director. He started his career with YouTube and moved ahead with the flow for the sake of trying new things.

    He is definitely a youth icon. Young people look upon him and want to be like him. He is surely influencing a lot of people out there. 

    In this era influencers do everything just for the fame they show off their lifestyle and the luxury they have. They make it so big that it starts creating self doubt in people’s mind. But Karzan Hisham is nothing like that. He has a huge fan base on social media platforms also. 

    Why? What is eye catching about him?

    His simplicity.  He wanted to show his true self to everyone. And that’s what his mantra of success is.

    His travel vlogs are highly praised . People love to watch him do activities and living in a new place.His way of exploring places ,living in nature,enjoying the diversity of an area and the cultural scenarios is amazing. He is amazing in shooting videos and he definitely has some extraordinary editing skills. He wanted to reach the heart of people of every age group. 

    Karzan Hisham is a traveling freak. He visits n-number of places. He shared one of his best experiences.  Which was the time he visited Korek mountains and stayed in a villa. The sight was breathtaking; he enjoyed himself there to the fullest.

    He asks everyone to live in the moment what is meant for you will find a way and reach you when the time comes. Just keep on working hard .